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Step into the world of HUACHUMA

What does it feel like to travel to the heart of Amazon rainforest and experience one of the oldest psychedelic plant medicines in existence? In this enrapturing 45 minute odyssey from director of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Mitch Schultz, you follow a group of friends led by Aubrey Marcus, entrepreneur and psychonaut, as they dance with the cosmic force of this powerful technology.

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Consciouness, Self-Mastery, Meditation

There is no greater determining factor for success in any endeavor than mindset. Whether it is athletics, business, relationship, or simply living a fulfilling life, mindset is the keystone. Far too often people think of mindset as the product of your environment, I prefer to think of mindset as the creator of your environment. This section is about the tools, techniques and philosophy to help optimize your mindset.

  • Spartans.1

    Medication, Masturbation, or Mastication

    , ,

    We become so used to carrying stress that we no longer notice that it is there. Low level anxiety becomes the background noise to our life. Our body in a constant state of alertness, triaging resource

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  • Screenshot 2015-12-14 16.45.14

    To be a Poet

    by @AubreyMarcus and brought to life by the talent and vision of @Notthisbody For a full credit list, visit the vimeo page here: https://vimeo.com/88716480 Full Text: To be a poet is to wake up every

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  • maxresdefault copy

    Knowing the Self

    “When you go searching for yourself, all you are going to find is someone who is searching for their self.” -Mehcad Brooks People in self help and new age circles spend a lot of time searching for

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  • BodeMiller-1440x602

    8 Underrated Attributes of a Champion (That You Can Adopt As Your Own)

    It has become a passion of mine to figure out the secret sauce of champions, in order to understand how they are able to distinguish themselves from the rest of their field. What I have found is talen

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  • tait

    #66 Tait Fletcher

    Tait Fletcher: pirate, entrepreneur, fighter, black belt, and care bear. It’s great to bring the podcast back with a true brother of the way, so we can explore the hard won lessons and nuances o

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    Brainwave Entrainment with Binaural Beats

    Binaural beats are an auditory biohack designed to facilitate brainwave entrainment. The more we learn about brainwaves, the more we understand how important they are in generating desired states of

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  • oscar-wilde

    Hacking Self Worth

    , ,

    It took 33 years of searching and a lot of ayahuasca for me to find my rock. It may take some time to find yours. It is a blend of your own hard won spiritual beliefs, and an understanding of your uni

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  • shaub

    #68 Submitting the Ego with Brendan Schaub

    I sit down with professional strangler, the big brown barrel of laughs Brendan Schaub, to discuss the game-plan for submitting the ego.

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  • 476345877

    Guided Meditation

    Meditation is hard. As a beginner it feels like you are a Freshman trying to find your way to the upper class keg party with really dubious instructions. Even for those with a consistent practice, the

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  • dying

    Avoid The Top 5 Deathbed Regrets

    Bronnie Ware worked as an end of life caregiver and after her many years of service she wrote a book about the top five regrets she heard on her patients’ deathbed. While there are limitations to th

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Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle

Health is the foundation for a happy life. If health is not optimized, then everything else will be far more difficult. I have gained a great deal of knowledge with my interactions and research running one of the more respected health companies in the world -- this section will explore my personal opinions on this essential topic.



We are the force that animates our bodies. We are consciousness. Whether we claim this essence that is our birthright, or allow the programs of the world and the well-meaning but misguided calculations of the mind to erode our consciousness is a choice. There are reliable tools to expand consciousness — this section tells of my often extreme journeys and explores those methodologies.



There are a lot of rules about relationships. I think they are largely bullshit. Here are my rules:
1) Success in relationships starts with your relationship to yourself.
2) You are capable only of loving another to the extent that you love yourself.
3) You will permit yourself to be abused by another only to the extent that you abuse yourself.
4) There is only one valid promise to a lover: I will give my love generously, and receive your love graciously.

  • whitney

    Walking the Unconventional Path with Whitney Miller

    , , , ,

    In a 'tell almost all' podcast with my partner Whitney Miller. We discuss the trials and tribulations of the path to greater consciousness, before turning the discussion to the nature of our unconvent

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  • hassler

    The Wild Man & Wild Woman with Christine Hassler

    , ,

    In this podcast with author and speaker Christine Hassler we explore relationships, and the nature of the 'wild' masculine and feminine.

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  • uLbfoEI

    A wild man is not a boyfriend, he is a force.

    , , ,

    Can you love me in the blinding heat of a birthing star, when I shower warmth on distant moons? Can you love me in the hole of the cosmic Black, where no one can reach me? Not even you? Can you

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  • the-game-feat

    The Game

    Author: Neil Strauss Publisher: Regan Books Value Rating:7/10 Entertainment Rating: 9/10 Buy it: Amazon for 22.99$ Read If: You are one of the good guys who always sees his dream-girl slip awa

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  • red-queen-feat

    The Red Queen

    Author: Matt Ridley Publisher: Harper Perennial Value Rating: 5/10 Entertainment Rating: 4/10 Buy it: Amazon for 8.81$ Read If: You are particularly interested in animal sexual biology. Do

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  • 101_DavidDaidawayOfSupMan_1241343668

    The Way of the Superior Man


    Author: David Deida Life Value: 9/10 Entertainment Value: 5/10 Buy it: Amazon for 13.10$ Read If: You don’t always understand why it is challenging to get along with your intimate partner, and y

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  • beseeching-sleep-feat

    Beseeching Sleep’s Mistress

    Cursed be the early birds That chirp before the morn, Mocking as I sleepless lay With bedsheets all a-worn. Mercy! O’ elusive temptress, Pour yourself into my eyes. Let me smell your raven tresses,

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  • Prayer-Nightmare-Feat

    A Prayer for a Nightmare

    O’ demons of fire, minions of fright, Do your worst as I sleep this night. Shake my bed, unloose my sheets, Compel my heart to thundering beats. Make the sweat on my forehead bead, My knuckles c

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  • another-rival-feat

    Another Rival

    I wish you were my equal. I wish you were my better. I wish you had incredible strength so I could forge my body to unbending steel, and meet you on an ancient battlefield, So our lady would never kno

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  • scarred-hear-feat

    To My Rival

    I wish you were a great man. Broad shouldered. Quick witted. Smooth like James Bond, Cool like James Dean. I wish. But you are not. And nor will you ever be. You will always remain the appallingly ave

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In 4 years I created an Inc 500 company, that is consistently recognized as one of the best places to work. I am as proud of the latter as the former. My principles are not from the old paradigm, and this section will explain some of my core tenants and how they might apply to your own business endeavors.


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