Over 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety, depression, and trauma. Current treatments aren't working.

But, the cure is near.


"I truly believe that there is not a time in human history where a charitable donation could impact more lives than this. It is up to us. You are the force behind the cure."

— Aubrey Marcus

The People We Love Are Suffering, Silently.

It's Time For Us to Make Some Noise.

One in eight Americans suffer from the silent killers –– depression, anxiety and trauma. How many of your loved ones are fighting these invisible battles alone… attempting to find comfort in the false promises of treatments that aren't effective?

Look at the numbers –– the pills aren't working.

However, there are non-profit organizations making massive advancements in Psychiatric medicine, who are right on the brink of discovering a cure.

With our donations, they can make these groundbreaking treatments available to all –– creating a future free from the trauma of war, the yoke of addiction and the grey voids of depression.

Together, we can be the catalyst of change. Will you join me in donating to The Cure is Near? Let's make this world a less painful one to live in.

Please donate, for the cure is near.

Did you know one dose of psilocybin cured depression and anxiety in 80% of patients?

Feel like you need to educate yourself further before donating? We totally understand. We’ve put together an infographic you can download below. It will get you up to pace on the ground-breaking results of Psilocybin and MDMA.

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