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If you will protect the people and the planet for generations to come.

If you will bring humanity from a state of suffering to a state of happiness.

If you will do your best to leave a legacy of love and compassion for all to witness.

First you must be fit for service.

Why Be Fit For Service?

The strongest purpose in life is to be of service to those you love, yourself included. But to be of service, you must be fit for service. This means fit in mind, body and spirit. In order to do that we will focus on four things—health, wealth, clarity, and healing.

Your body is the foundation upon which everything in the material dimension is built. You can ignore the body for a time perhaps, but that is drawing down on a debt that will eventually come to collect. And sometimes when it comes to collect, it will be too late. To have a healthy body, is to have the energy and resources in your flesh and blood to be of service. It is the most important starting point.

The problem with the world is not that certain people hold the majority of the wealth, it is that the WRONG people hold the stores of wealth. The people I am selecting for this mastermind will be the right people. That's why there is an application process.

Because I want you to get rich, and do the right things with that money.

And we are going over all the techniques and tactics to help make that happen. Because with those resources you are going to be able to do the most good. But it is not just abundance of money, it is an abundance of time, energy and health as well.

To be of service to others you have to be able to see the truth. The truth of who you are, the truth about the world, and the truth about other people. It is fear that clouds our ability to see. So we are going to attack fear, expose it's core delusion and learn to see from a place beyond its reach.

We all carry trauma. We all have been negatively imprinted in some way by the world. Maybe it was our family. Maybe it was in school. Maybe it was a spouse or a lover. Maybe it was a stranger. To express ourselves fully in the world, and to heal others from trauma we must first heal our own.

Why Am I Doing This?

There are three reasons why


There is an old maxim that says if you want to learn, teach. My goal is to be as fit for service as I am possibly capable. That means truly knowing who I am. One of the best ways for me to do that is to continually teach and learn from others.


Second, this mastermind is going to aggregate a group of people, a tribe, that collectively is going to be able to do far more than one individual can do on it's own. Can you imagine the power of 150 awakened individuals, with an abundance of time and resources, committed to a cause? Powerful.


Third, this mastermind is going to help me accumulate my own resources that I can apply to the greater good. I'm not shy about my desire to earn money, and none of you should be as well. This mastermind should help all of us become wealthier, because that wealth is like energy stored in a battery, and the more batteries we have the more we can power positive change.

Who Is The Mastermind For?

The mastermind is not for those content to play small. This is for those of you who are willing and able to play big. I love that so many people hand out lunch bags to the hungry and volunteer time in shelters for the homeless. You are the everyday heroes of our society. And I'd love to be able to work personally with every one of you. But I can't. I don't have the resources for everyone. The fellowship will have access to my own personal time, along with all of the inspirational leaders, healers, and mind movers of my inner circle. We are going to hold nothing back in preparing those invited to the fellowship to be fit for service.

So I have to be selective--the mastermind has to be for those of you who are able to do the most good. Those of you that want to alter the upstream structures and systems of the world that lead to downstream poverty, and trauma, and conflict. Those of you that can handle the weight of accumulating vast amounts of money, and directing it to be spent for the good of all. The selection criteria in the application will be stringent, but if you have the right heart, spirit, and intentions you will be invited to join the mastermind.

Your Commitment

To Be Bodhisattiva

The Curriculum


If you are accepted into the mastermind, you are making a commitment to be of service. Always to yourself first, because if you are not of service to yourself you will not be of service to anyone. But you will also be expected to be of service to your fellows in the mastermind. We're all in this together. There will be recommended reading, weekly accountability check-ins, a closed chat group, monthly Zoom calls, and quarterly meetups where we will gather together in person--accelerating both personal growth and the sense of community. You will have access to myself, and the other master teachers in the group.

In Buddhism there are those who are called Bodhisattva. A Bodhisattva is one who could personally find enlightenment sitting on a top of a mountain somewhere, or the distraction of pure hedonism, but chooses not to do it, because they commit themselves to ease the suffering of the world. The mastermind is for the Boddhisattva's in our midst. Those that can delay personal satisfaction, because their compassion for those who suffer is so strong that they cannot stay away from the fight. They cannot sit on the sidelines while their fellow humans fall around them. They cannot spend their days in idle pleasure while their mother, the Earth, is dying. Are you Bodhisattva? If you are, I welcome you into the mastermind.

What to expect:

Private Instagram account: with only other members, myself and coaches. This will be the platform where myself and other coaches will host live calls, post stories, and join in the conversation on a daily basis with the fellowship. There will be a new post every day and a minimum of one Instagram live from one of our coaches each week to cover different topics.

Weekly Assignment and Accountability: There will be a catalyzing assignment every week designed to challenge you with further growth. Our coaches will check in with you on the assignment as part of your accountability. This isn't 'homework' and we are not school teachers so we aren't going to grade you or kick you out if you don't do it.

Accountability Groups: You will be put in a smaller ‘accountability group’ upon your enrollment with other members. This will be your personal accountability tribe. You all will share weekly zoom calls on your progress, and each of you will be challenged to bring value to this group, essentially, to be of service to them. There will be a built-in competition between groups and the group that is voted by the collective as being of the most service will win a private experience with the coaches and myself.

Book of the Month: Books are one of the fastest ways to level up, and with all of the availability now with tangible, digital, and audio versions of almost every book, consuming one book per month will be the expectation. These books will provide a backdrop to some of the key issues in our discussions and transformational practices.

Monthly Zoom Calls with Me: This is going to be a chance to talk to me in a small group format where everyone will get a chance to speak and ask any question they like. I am committed to radical vulnerability and openness, so truly, you can ask me anything and I'll do my best to help you.

Quarterly Summits: Every three months we will open up a location where we will get a chance to meet up in person and bring everything to the next level. We will go through the most transformative practices like shamanic breathwork, ecstatic dance, sweat lodge, Wim Hof style cold exposure, meditation, tai chi; and that is just scratching the surface of the experiential practice.

In addition, this will also provide an even deeper dive for the discussions and access to my whole family of coaches to help you tackle any challenges you may have discovered along the way. In addition, this provides the opportunity to meet with members of the fellowship and form the invaluable connections with brothers and sisters of the path, as well as the special mentor/student connections that may develop with myself and the other coaches.

Travel and lodging are separate, but everything inside the quarterly summit is included. Attendance isn't mandatory, and we will do our best to share footage and insights from each summit for those of you who don't make it. But, the more of these you can make, the better!

Full-Time Coaches:

  • Aubrey Marcus - CEO of Onnit, NYT Bestseller, Podcaster
  • Kyle Kingsbury - Host of the Kyle Kingsbury Podcast, Optimization Expert, Everyday Shaman, Former UFC Fighter
  • Erick Godsey - Jungian Scholar and Habit Change Coach
  • Caitlyn Howe - Writer, Empath, and Bliss Coach

Available Coaches:

  • Dr. Dan Engle M.D. - Clinically trained psychiatrist, schooled in both holistic and shamanic medicine paths.
  • Dr. Craig Koniver - General practitioner on the cutting edge of the mind-body connection.
  • Aaron Alexander - Movement Coach and Podcaster
  • Porangui - Healer, Musician, and Creative
  • Anahata Ananda - Founder of Shamangelic Healing

This mastermind is going to offer unparalleled access to myself and my inner circle. The power of the group comes from everyone working together to support each other. These connections, along with expert guidance and mentorship will yield the maximum benefit for the fellowship. While the entire mastermind will be holistic and flexible to member's needs, there will be certain themes as we progress through the year. The themes are listed out below and will correlate to the quarterly summit.

Quarter 1: Physically Fit

To build anything of lasting value, you have to have a good foundation. Your foundation is your body. We will be exploring a lot of the topics covered in my book Own The Day, Own Your Life and troubleshooting any areas of nutrition, fitness, chronic pain, or deficiency you might be experiencing. In order to help us, you will have access to two world-class holistic MD's, Dr. Dan Engle, and Dr. Craig Koniver along with of course myself and the legend Kyle Kingsbury.

To get the quantitative analysis started, we are going to include a gut health microbiome test and analysis in January. It is free for members and necessary to complete this test. The test will come with an analysis, and then recommendations for diet, supplementation and lifestyle practices that can support a healthier gut. The gut, after all, has been called the second brain because, not only does it control weight management and inflammation, but also the production of neurotransmitters and immune cells.

Additionally, for those looking to take their fitness to the next level, you will be given access to both the Bodyweight and Kettlebell 6 Week Transformational programs, provided by Onnit. They are full, follow-along video programs that can be practiced anywhere. The goal of this quarter is to take your body to the next level of capability, so no matter what the requirements of service might be, you'll be ready. (If you think you're already physically fit, humor me and try the level 3 bodyweight program. It kicked our asses).

There will also be the opportunity to book consultations with our MD's and coaches. This could be to review additional bloodwork, go into further detail on your gut health report, or to ask deeper questions about personal challenges or disease conditions.

Summit 1: The Foundation - Health, Fitness, Wellness

Hosted at Onnit in Austin, TX | Suggested Dates March 29-31st, 2019

Included At No Additional Cost:

  • Access to the Onnit 6 training program
  • Free signed copy of Own The Day, Own Your Life

Additional Out of Pocket Opportunities:

  • Oura Ring - One of the best biometric and sleep tracking devices available on the market.
  • Joovv Light - Infrared light for assistance with healing and nitric oxide
  • Clearlight Saunas - Infrared sauna and heat therapy
  • Bloodwork and Analysis - Available from our MD. Coaches
  • Private Consultation with Coaches
  • Travel and Board in Austin

Q1 Reading List:

  • January: Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus
  • February: Tripping Over The Truth by Travis Christofferson
  • March: You Are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Quarter 2: Mentally Fit

To be fit for service, you have to get your mind right. The world is always going to provide resistance, and you need to be able to meet that resistance with the smile of a hero. Even when it hurts. One of the key components of this can be summed up by one of my favorite quotes: "If you know your Why, you can bear almost any how."

So part of becoming mentally fit is to help you figure out what your mission is. Why do you want to be of service? What is your calling? That is the cornerstone of mental fitness.

But we don't want you just to bear any How, we want you to use the stoic philosophy and turn that resistance to assistance--to make the obstacle your way to borrow language from my friend Ryan Holiday. Stress and adaptation is how we grow. When I got into my car wreck, I knew that it happened for me, not to me, and I just had to figure out why. That turned the curse of the wreck into a blessing. Even the challenging aspects of my childhood. The trauma from encounters with my father. Those can be viewed as blessings too, and that is one of the key techniques in releasing that trauma. This is a choice we always have, we just need to practice. Practice makes the master, and this quarter will be about becoming stoic masters.

As we build on this foundation of mission, purpose, and stoic wisdom, we will also start working on the abundance mindset. Do you have self-limiting beliefs surrounding the accumulation of wealth? Do you feel worthy? This is where we will really start to turn up the heat on the path to mastery. We will deep dive into the best ways for you to accumulate wealth, and live a life of passion and awe. This quarter is all about catalyzing resistance to put you in the most favorable state to be in abundance with all things.

Summit 2: Ready For Abundance: Mindset Mastery

Hosted in Tulum, Mexico | June 28-30

Included At No Additional Cost:

  • Access to the Go For Your Win coaching course
  • Temescal Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Additional Out of Pocket Opportunities:

  • Entrepreneur Consultation - Private sessions with coaches
  • Muse Meditation Headband - One of the best meditation biofeedback devices.

Q2 Reading List:

  • Apr: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
  • May: Mastery by Robert Greene
  • Jun: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Quarter 3: Emotionally Fit

July - Sept 2019

If we lived alone in the woods, our emotions might not need a lot of focus. But that isn't our life! We are in a swirl of community, romance, love and connection to the world. But this is where things can get emotionally complicated. The fear that we are not worthy of love creates a need for validation, which might compel us to chase that which does not serve the greater good. The fear of rejection might compel us to run away, play small, or hide our voice. If you are compelled toward or away from anything, you are not fully sovereign. Your emotions and your fears have you.

Emotions are like a wild bull. Once they are in motion, it is hard to ride them to exhaustion without being thrown off course. The Siberian mystics had some strategies for this, and we will practice some of them. But a large part of this quarter is about learning to utilize techniques that can help you elevate your consciousness above the turbulence. Because to be free, to be emotionally fit, to overcome fear, you have to first become aware of yourself. You have to shift away from the identity as 'the one who is angry' for example, to become the observer of the one who is angry. Instead of the one who is in need of love, be the observer of the one in need of love. This move is incredibly important, and we will be practicing different ways to get here throughout the quarter.

Another element of sovereignty is to know and love yourself so deeply, that you no longer think about yourself differently based on what others might think of you. You are not trying to be the one who your father or mother wanted you to be. You are not trying to please societal wishes. You are being yourself, and in doing so, being of service to everyone who wishes to be themselves too.

Of course, discussing love and relationship is also a huge part of this quarter. Myself and the coaches will be at your service. But it isn't just your romantic connections that are important. What is the community or tribe, beyond just the mastermind, that you can lead to help you reach your goals? How do you stay compassionate and motivated in all relations?

Summit 3: Love, Community, and Sovereignty

Hosted in Sedona, AZ | September 27-29

Included At No Additional Cost:

  • Conscious Relationship Course - Lead by Anahata Ananda

Additional Out of Pocket Opportunities:

  • Open Relationship Counseling - For those who want help with some of the specifics, personal issues surrounding the challenge of open relationship.
  • Consults with Anahata Ananda - Spiritual and emotional advisory
  • Bodywork with Porangui - Energetic and physical transformation
  • Trauma Processing - Private sessions with our coaches

Q3 Reading List:

  • Jul: Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Aug: Sex at Dawn by Dr. Chris Ryan
  • Sep: The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk

Quarter 4: Spiritually Fit

Oct - Dec 2019

What does spirituality even mean these days? Well there were the religions. But as Paul Selig says, they are characterized as "diamonds of truth poured in a mortar of distortion." Then there is "New Age" spirituality, which gives all kinds of importance and meaning to numbers, crystals, planetary alignments, and all sorts of things. I like crystals, I love the stars, I think they are all beautiful--but they aren't part of the spirituality we are going to teach.

Spirituality, to me, is simply a recognition of who you are, and who everyone else is too. We are all part of the same origin, the same Source, and to be spiritually fit you have to expand your identity to incorporate this understanding.

The symbol of this whole mastermind is the Bodhisattva, and this quarter we begin aligning ourselves to this sacred representation of what a human can be. This legendary figure describes anyone who could potentially reach 'enlightenment' on a mountain or a monastery somewhere, but because of a deep compassion for the Earth and her people, the Bodhisattva stays in the fray. Learning the lessons that come, facing the challenges that are present, and helping whomever they can.

Summit 4: The Bodhisattva Way

Hosted in Los Angeles, CA | Suggested Dates: December 13-15

Included At No Additional Cost:

  • Freshman Year Completion Certificate
  • Sunshine and Swimming

Additional Out of Pocket Opportunities:

  • Shamanic Medicine Journey Consultation - Advice on where, when, and how to go about planning a plant medicine journey.
  • Ketamine Therapy - Available in most cities nationwide
  • Flotation Therapy - Available in most cities nationwide

Q4 Reading List:

  • Oct: The 49th Mystic by Ted Dekker
  • Nov: Rise Of The Mystics by Ted Dekker
  • Dec: Book of Truth by Paul Selig

You have two options:

  • 1) You can enroll for one quarter for $3000 (this includes access to 13 weeks of the Mastermind and 1 in-person Summit).
  • 2) You can enroll for the rest of the year at $5,500 (this includes access to 26 weeks of the Mastermind and 2 in-person Summits).

Final Word

Every one of us has a unique gift to give the world. Beyond the resources you might bring to bear, there is something intangible that we all have. A way that we can impact others or the collective in a unique way. For those of you selected, this mastermind is going to help you discover and bring this medicine to the world. Are you ready to be fit for service? Are you ready to join us? If so, fill out the application. I hope to meet you soon.


Show Faqs
What is the average time commitment?

You’re free to go as deep or as shallow as you desire in the program. You could spend 10 minutes or 5 hours a day working through Fit For Service, but below is an outline of the typical time commitment:

  • 10 Minutes per day connecting with Daily Instagram topic
  • 20 Minutes per day reading the monthly book
  • 20-60 minute per day of the Movement and Meditation Practices
  • 2 Hours a week on weekly assignment
  • 30-60 minutes per week viewing Instagram live conversations with the coaches
  • 1 hour per month talking with me
  • Quarterly In-Person Weekend Summits
What is the Deadline to apply and pay?

The deadline to apply is June 12th, and the deadline to pay is June 19th, 2019.

Can you give me a detailed outline of what we will be covering every week, and what will be covered at the summits?

Our collective hero’s journey cannot be adequately captured inside a static system. I am not going to assume I know what is best for all of you before I meet you, so there is not a rigid 52 week outline. I have a lot of ideas about what we should do and the coaches and myself will use the broad outline above to start, but we are going to pay attention and listen to you all. We are going to create and hone the weekly assignments, live calls, and the specifics of the summits based on all of the people in the fellowship. We are co-creators in what this will become.

What if I can’t afford this, but I really feel I’m meant to be a part of this?

I appreciate the hundreds of people I know will see this and feel they are meant for this. I don’t want you to put yourself at a financial risk to join this, so below are the three resources I’d recommend you dance with until your financial situation is ready for this investment.

1) Study and live Own The Day, Own Your Life

I put my heart, blood, and soul into this book. It has many of the fundamental practices I use everyday. This is the blueprint to begin upgrading your mind, body, and spirit.

2) Consider joining Go For Your Win ($99, launching January 2019)

If you are still looking for your Mission, the thing you were born to do in this life, and you want to find that, Go For Your Win is the best tool I can offer you. It is a 15 week course that will help you identify your mission, cultivate essential skills, and overcome resistance. We’re continually humbled by the impact this course has had on people in the tribe.

3) Start a local mastermind

Everything I talk about on the podcast, write about on the blog, and share on Instagram are tools given freely for the good of all. Get together with friends once a week and discuss these ideas. Help each other, inspire each other, and watch the miracles that unfold.

What are the terms of service?

The Fit For Service Mastermind is mutually elective. The mastermind team has the right to remove any member at any time and refund them similarly. Potential causes for removal by the mastermind team would be the abuse of fellow members, or the intentional disruption of the group cohesion.

What is the Refund Policy?

If you paid for the remainder of the year, you can leave at the end of the 3rd quarter and be refunded $2750. You must let us know 1 month before the end of the quarter to get your refund (so we can properly fill your seat come next quarter.)

If you paid for the quarter, there are no refunds.

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