Build the tribe of friends you've been searching for by discovering your sacred role.

Are you the Scout, The Anchor, The Alchemist, or The Elder?

Image of Aubrey Marcus Speaking

I'm Aubrey Marcus, founder of The Fit For Service Fellowship... In my time leading this groundbreaking community, I have discovered that there is a unique approach to cultivating lifelong friendships, meaningful alliances, and a tribe that's ready to take on the world with you.

It starts by discovering your Sacred Role. You can...

  • Free yourself from the pressure to be everything for everyone, and have confidence in your contribution.
  • Stop being "too shy". By understanding your sacred role you are free to be radically yourself, and you open the door to be fully received.
  • Build or join a community that truly loves & respects you. (Even more than you ever thought possible!)

First step? Discover your unique sacred role...

(This only takes one minute)

PS. Once you understand how YOU relate to your friends and community, your community will better understand how to relate to YOU.