My Open Relationship Journey with Whitney

By Aubrey Marcus February 21, 2019

You’ve heard me talk about it. A lot. My five-year open relationship with Whitney Miller has been the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve had the opportunity to face my deepest fears, experience the greatest bliss, and learn about the true nature of Love. Am I an open relationship advocate? No. Just like I am not an Ayahuasca advocate.

Both of those are paths that only you can choose--they aren’t the right teacher for everyone. For me, they have been exactly what I have needed. But the beauty of a podcast like the one I just released with Whitney, is that you don’t need to go through the journey yourself to hear about the lessons. We share all of the details--the good ideas, the bad ideas, the times we were heroic and the times we were pitiful.

If you look at my social media this week you are going to see a lot of anger directed toward Whitney and I. The idea that love may not need to be possessed or controlled challenges some of the core beliefs and fantasies of our culture. Whitney and I could have easily kept our open relationship discreet and spared ourselves the onslaught. But that is not our agreement. We are here to share what we learn, no matter what.

I hope you all enjoy the podcast and gain something from our story. For those of you who have further questions or are interested in personal counseling, Whitney is offering sessions that you can book through or get in touch with her on the gram.

Much love everyone,

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