Lessons from Inside Open Relationship with Whitney Miller - AMP #178

My fiance, Whitney Miller, and I have been in an open relationship for the last 5 years. But it didn’t start that way. Whitney is a different woman than when I met her, and she is engaged to a very different man. We owe a lot of that to our open relationship journey. This episode is a special one, taking place after the first time Whitney has experienced stable love with someone else. But, contrary to the popular expectation, she loves me just as much as ever before. We start from the beginning of our love story, with honest recounts of jealousy and challenge, and the inevitable discoveries we have made about agreements, communication, and love itself. Open relationship isn’t for everyone, and we certainly aren’t open relationship ‘advocates’ but most of the lessons are universally applicable and can help strengthen whatever relationship you choose.


  • Thanks guys!! Ya I’ve been in open polygamous style relationships since I was a teen so I can def relate to the notion that sometimes an act outside of an existing relationship can really remindle your awerness of adoration for the existing romance.

  • This is great and all but what about the other individuals who choose to engage in the open relationship with you – what do they get out of it? Are they in other relationships of their own? Two years is a long time to be a side-piece. I’d like to hear their perspectives because ultimately this is about ALL of you and not just Marcus and Whitney’s needs.

  • After watching this I was surprised to find my experience so incredibly similar to y’all’s. What I would have loved to hear though is how y’all’s respective other partners see their future with y’all. After all , it’s more than the two of you now that need consideration and to have their needs met.

    aaron husak

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