Open Relationship Resource Center

By Aubrey Marcus May 02, 2018

I’ve put together this resource page for anyone who is curious about open relationship, or thinks they might want to give ‘open’ a try.

The journey starts for me with the book Sex at Dawn by Chris Ryan.  Without this book, I wouldn’t understand the biological imperatives that underpin the sexuality of the process.  But this is just background research. The real work happens in the heart.

The most comprehensive podcast I’ve done on the subject to date was with Ari Shaffir.  It’s two hours of real talk on what it’s like to be in an open relationship.  I also recorded a podcast with Whitney, though I feel that we are due to update the topic sometime fairly soon, as every month in an open relationship feels like a year of growth and challenge.  

Galore magazine has done two features on us being in an open relationship.  The first of which was a very comprehensive overview.  The second of which covers some more of the brass tacks and specifics of how it works.

Lastly, I recently wrote a piece on how to handle the jealousy that arises in an open relationship.

I am not an advocate for anyone being in an open relationship. It is a challenging way to learn about Love, learn about the self, and it is not for everyone.  

But the rewards have been immense for me. I just try to speak as honestly as I can about the subject and hopefully that helps some people out. 

For a full detailed guide on Open Relationship, click here.

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