Open Relationship Field Guide

Maybe you are curious about open relationship.
Maybe you have tried open; crashed, and burned.

Or maybe something just happened.  You found out your lover is with someone else.  You are in that place where you feel small, claustrophobic, like you were a magician’s assistant stuck in a tiny basket.  And then there are the swords… Stabbing through your stomach, filling your body with butterflies from hell. Or are they moths?  Full size electric Mothras. You want to get out, just run away, but you don’t know where to go…

You might have just found yourself in open relationship.

Whatever the reason, this 14 step guide and emergency help manual will be an ally to you along the way.

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  • I just found out that he has been seeing other women he says that it’s not sexual just someone to talk to, I’m the real jealous type and I don’t do 2nd , the cars and insurance,etc are in both our names, what do I do?

    Sharon E Oneal
  • Interesting comments and insight into open relationships. I’ve never been in one. I often thought this arrangement was odd and strange, but perhaps it’s not. I used to think one person could fulfill your needs in a relationship. However, after 2 marriages and a combined 25 years of being monogamous, my mindset is changing. Validation from another person whether it be love, attention, sex is something we all crave. I’ve recently begun an incredible journey of getting to know myself more deeply, living for my happiness, having a relationship with myself. It is changing me in profound, beautiful ways. I am currently not in a relationship with another person, but if that happens this concept of an open relationship is a strong consideration as the happiness and deep love it could bring astounds me.

    Michelle Hawk
  • Hi :)

  • The points you make regarding the challenges an open relationship present are so on point. Challenges to our own ego, self esteem and validation and how they play out within open and non open relationships makes so much sense as you’ve laid them out. Thank you, big ups, much appreciation!

  • This is so awesome of you Aubrey! Sharing your experiences and knowledge on a subject that is taboo to some is rad. I give you a big high five. Blessings, Steel Mace Warrior – Victoria.


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