Consciousness Technology & Plant Medicine Journey FAQ

By Aubrey Marcus February 14, 2017

Consciousness Technology & Plant Medicine Journey FAQ

Utilizing the world’s ancient and modern technology to help figure things out, overcome fear, and elevate consciousness continues to be invaluable in my life. I have spent over 17 years exploring these methodologies, and finally feel comfortable sharing the specifics of my discoveries.

While some of these technologies such as floatation, holotropic breathing, meditation, and yoga should be integrated into daily life and carry little to no caveat, medicine plant journeys have great potential only when mixed with the right intention, and the proper timing. They are not a panacea and everyone’s actual experience will be wildly different. Because of this reason, I am not recommending any medicine or location for you, personally.

You have to trust your own voice of wisdom and calling to the task. There are many places that offer work with plant medicine, and while some of them are doing great work, others are not carrying the same integrity and can be dangerous. Below is the information I have to the best of my knowledge. Remember, I cannot endorse or recommend anything specific for YOU. These are the following centers I trust for myself.

Huachuma (San Pedro)

Huachuma is an inherently pleasant but very challenging medicine. The primary active ingredient is mescaline, but in the Huachuma preparation the whole plant is used in accordance with an ancient recipe from Chavin. It’s specialty as a teacher lies in spiritual growth through immediate experience, adherence with one’s mission, and healing psychological mal-alignments. For the detailed accounting of my personal experience with Huachuma, click here. There is only one place left in the world I am aware of that follows the ancient Chavin way of the medicine: The Spiritquest Sanctuary.

About SpiritQuest Sanctuary
The sanctuary itself is 200 protected acres in the lower amazon, about a 30-minute motor-canoe ride from Iquitos. The head shaman is a man by the name of Don Howard, a Kentucky-born half Native American healer that has been working with the plants for over 50 years. I have never met a man of greater integrity in this field and would trust him with my life in this and every incarnation for the rest of eternity. He is kind, humorous and immensely powerful. He is assisted by Don Rober, a native Ayahuasquero with tireless energy.

The Huachuma Mesada is offered monthly, lasts 8 days and covers three ceremonies, including an opportunity to snuff the incredibly potent traditional DMT snuff Willka (Vilka). There is very limited availability and as such, all applicants must fill out a detailed questionnaire which Don Howard himself will review. You also get the opportunity to visit many local tribes in the area, which proves to be a highlight of the experience.

The Spiritquest Sanctuary also offers ayahuasca journeys, for details on that, look under the Ayahuasca section.

The lodging is comfortable, with screened-in central cabins, ayahuasca vines circling and protecting the ceremonial space, and excellent, nutritious food. It is still the jungle however, so don’t go expecting hot showers, Dewey pest control, and 1000 thread count sheets!
Here is the schedule of ceremonies available at the sanctuary.

Please patiently review the website before contacting Don Howard out of respect for his time, but if you are ready to discuss going to the center you can contact him through the website.


Called the ‘master medicine’ by the healers of the jungle, Ayahuasca is a deeply physically cleansing tonic that carries the potential for powerful DMT derived visions. Not all ayahuasca participants will experience visions however, and many of the best ayahuasca centers intentionally brew their tea to minimize this aspect, instead focusing on the physical and psychic cleansing aspects. When choosing an ayahuasca center it is of the utmost importance to pick a center of great integrity, and also to be impeccably honest with any medications, drugs, or physical conditions that you are bringing with you. Recent research and years of traditional use has shown that Ayahuasca has great promise for helping to heal both physical and mental addictions and disorders, as well as offering great spiritual insight.

Ayahuasca Centers

Blue Morpho: Named after the incredibly beautiful blue butterfly found in Peru, this is the center I will go to for the remainder of my ayahuasca journeys. The reason for this has nothing to do with a butterfly, but everything to do with the man and the system that he has created. Hamilton Souther, founder and Maestro, has innovated a way of creating a space that transcends the light and dark duality of traditional ayahuasca journeys. It often times turns very hard work into play, while keeping all the transformative power. Check out my recent podcasts with him for more: WPP #47 and WPP #48.

Spiritquest Sanctuary: Spiritquest sanctuary is one of the only places that will allow you to take an active and transparent role in the brewing of your own ayahuasca. It is a ridiculously strong brew for most (myself included) but of course, it is not all in the cup! The combination of shamans available is an impressive collection of wizards with a very good reputation. These ayahuasqueros as they are called, play a very active role in the ceremony, working with the guidance of the medicine to sing songs (icaros) and help the flow of energy.

Ayahuasca journeys at the Sanctuary typically last 8-10 days and include 4 ceremonies. See above for further information on the Spiritquest sanctuary and contact details.

Maestro Orlando Chujandama – This is my original shaman. I have drunk 6 times with him and hold him in the highest regard. Though we have spoken very few words due to the language barrier between us, he will always be a part of my spiritual family. He takes a very active role in his village and is a true healer in the greatest traditional sense. The ayahuasca he brews is intensely physically cleansing, and the accommodations are rustic and close to the jungle.

The most luxurious of all plant medicine centers, this multi-million dollar Costa Rican facility is on the beach a short drive from Liberia airport and the famous surf town of Tamarindo. I sent my two trusted adventurers Caitlyn and Whitney to explore the facility, and they were given outstanding care throughout the process. Maestro Mitra conducts the Ayahuasca and utilizes a variety of tools of the trade including traditional tobacco snuff to open up the body to receive the medicine. The brew is mild but enduring, and this all night ceremony proved quite transformational for Caitlyn, with a beautiful surprise at the end. The facility is fully licensed and has medical supervision on staff. While I cannot give a personal endorsement, I feel confident including this center on the list.


My friend and brother Dr. Dan Engle vouches highly for the Crossroads center in Mexico. He has been there several times and I trust Dr. Dan immensely. This is the place I would go and send anyone in my own familY.


All of these experiences listed on this page can facilitate massively transformative experiences. But without proper integration, the lasting effects will be greatly diminished. In some cases, without integration you may experience an antithetical reaction. I cannot overstate the value of integration. Practices like Floatation, Meditation, Yoga, Contemplation in Nature – All of these practices are extremely important.

For those looking for professional guidance, my brother, founder of Blue Morpho and master shaman Hamilton Souther has put together an integration course on his website. I highly recommend it for anyone experiencing a plant medicine journey. Just watch the videos, follow along, and open your heart, and you’ll be in good shape.

*I would like to note that I have no financial stake or benefit from anything listed above. I have no interest other than to provide the best information I am capable. As I stated in the intro, please do not take my information above as any kind of recommendation, they are simply the facts as I see them. Do with that what you will. Safe and happy journeys, para el bien de todos!

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