Maestro Hamilton Souther - Part 1

Maestro Hamilton Souther - Part 1

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Every once in a while an individual comes along and changes the game. Whether it is a sport, profession, cause--things are irrevocably altered after they make their appearance. Hamilton Souther, an ayahuasca shaman in his prime, is doing just that for the realm of the spirit. In part 1 we get to know each other a bit, letting the cosmic dance unfold as we explore the most important topics for humanity.


  • I never understood how some people do psychedelics hundreds and hundreds of times. After several experiences you’d have to think one to be neurotic to not just be able to live now, happy, in the present without always needing drugs…The fact that people do psychedelics hundreds of times is testament to how the experience is personal and entirely psychological.

    Clever Fella
  • Wow! That was an interesting conversation. Thank you so much for making this available for everyone.

    Andreas Larsson
  • I knew Hamilton. He’s about as far away from neurotic as one can get.

    Hamilton’s apprentice helped me out a lot. I’ve noticed the positive change in the apprentice over time. In the words of the apprentice, he was doing it to cure his insanity.

  • Thank you Hamilton for spending time on the frontlines, pushing the boundaries, helping us all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    James McCarby

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