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Your win begins with a simple choice.

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This course isn't for everyone

Buy This Course If...

  • You feel stuck where you are, and don't know what to do next.
  • You're tired of resistance beating you down.
  • You're ready to be the hero of your story.
  • You're ready to meet your tribe and take the world by storm.

Don't Buy This If...

  • You're looking for an easy path or a get rich-quick-scheme.
  • You're not ready to address the good, the bad and the ugly about yourself.
  • You're scared of realizing your full potential and power.
  • You don't like seeing and helping other people win.

Why I created this course for you

A lot of the "self-improvement” courses you see are intended to give your ego a quick fix. They promise you easy money, easy weight loss, easy mastery. They aren't designed to actually change your life for the better because that’s not how it works.

What makes "Go For Your Win" powerful is that it was forged in the truth of a real fight—The battles of someone just like yourself who learned to lean into fears, shed limitations, and truly live a life of purpose.

That person was me. I'm founder and CEO of Onnit, one of the fastest growing wellness brands in the world and the host of a highly respected podcast.

But it's not the external success that counts, it's the fact that I've gone from someone depressed, anxious, and frustrated to someone inspired, fulfilled, and enthusiastic about my life.

Winning is not about the money, it can't be written on your business card, and it's probably not what your parents wanted you to do—winning is having the vision and courage to go after your dream. The money, the success, even the fame is just a side effect.

I created "Go For Your Win" in hopes to give beautiful people like yourself raw and powerful insight on how to be colossal in a world filled with people content to play it small--Just by being yourself. Your true self.

How this course will change your life


1You Will Discover your win.

As a child you had a had a win. You wanted to be an astronaut, a professional athlete, a doctor. But, one day someone introduced you to reality and taught you to stop dreaming…and so you did. Yet still, from time to time, deep inside of you is a gnawing, aching, yearning desire to dream—to chase after your win. In this course you will learn not only to dream again…but to the strategy and skills needed to realize those dreams.


2You will be taught how to achieve your personal win.

Knowing your purpose carries no power if you don't know what to do next. In this course I will show you how to use belief as a weapon. You will learn how to cultivate stillness which brings clarity to all things. You will be shown how to access your greatest superpower: Choice. You will cultivate toughness. And you will learn from my own experiences on how to be effective in going for your win.


3You will see resistance as an ally, not an adversary.

Not only will you learn the strategies to defeat the inevitable resistance on your path, you will learn to use resistance as a springboard for growth, in true Stoic fashion. You will learn how to lean into fear, delusion, attachment, ignorance and apathy, and grow stronger because of it. When you make a stand against resistance, you claim your warrior status once and for all. You are going for your win. You are winning.


4You will be part of a community - a tribe of friends and support

Unequivocally one of the most valued parts of the inaugural GFYW course launch was the community aspect. People free and vulnerable to share their triumphs and defeats, and have a community of peers to offer support, encouragement, and a new perspective. This community extended even beyond the digital realm, and the facebook live calls, and spilled into the real world with impromptu gatherings between members.

Winners Don't Lie

  • Bode Miller

    There are a few people in every generation that when they come into who they are, and are meant to be, they absolutely must be heard and felt by the world. I've watched Aubrey come into this role with great pleasure.

  • TJ Dillashaw

    Aubrey is one of those dudes that you can connect with on every level. Talking sports, mindset, philosophy or spirituality, it doesn't matter.

  • Jonathan Toews

    When there is a question that no one else can answer , I ask Aubrey. He always comes through.

  • Ludacris

    I'm an extremely skeptical person, but I can honestly say that Aubrey and Onnit have completely changed my outlook on the subject and in turn this has changed my life for the better in all areas of health!

Real Life Transformations

"This is a course that every human should take.”

"Aubrey and Conner had me look internally, and really ask myself if I was happy. I dove so much deeper and got so many more rewards that way.”

"Some of these same people are going to be connecting for the rest of our lives. Itʼs a beautiful thing.”

Here's What Awaits


A raw, real world education that can't be taught in school, but instead must be taught from someone who has been in the trenches.


A close-knit community of dreamers, warriors, athletes, entrepreneurs and creatives on a journey together to go for their win.


Direct access to invaluable materials: a 35,000 word course, Facebook group and Live Q&A's.

Considering small group coaching?

Sometimes a little personal attention is exactly what you need to remove an obstacle impeding your win. With the small group coaching package you will have live video call access not only to the GFYW coach Conner Moore, but an even tighter community of those truly serious about going for their win. Here's what people have to say about small group coaching.

"Conner is the perfect coach to help guide people through this process. He's a natural teacher, and someone who does the work himself.”

— Aubrey Marcus

Two Ways To Win


1Going Big

Go For Your Win Course. This is the complete course, text and audio, with lifetime access to the Facebook community with active coaching, monthly live Q&A, and opportunities for special events hosted by Aubrey.



2Going Bigger

GFYW Course + Small Group Coaching. Get all of the benefits of the course + four personalized small group coaching sessions to help you solve your own unique challenges with GFYW instructor Conner Moore, guaranteed to be no more than 10 people per call.


Small Group Coaching

Already going for your win?. If you have already purchased the Go For Your Win course, and are looking to get more out of it, or get back on track, this is the option for you. Drive a deepening sense of community as you learn from other members of the community face-to-face, via video chat, weekly check-ins, and personal coaching.


AMP Special Podcast:

Winning is a Process with Conner Moore

In this podcast with Go For Your Win master coach and podcaster Conner Moore, we discuss the challenges and triumphs of leading our first class through the Go For Your Win process, and the ongoing unfolding of deeper levels of truth, radical honesty, and accountability it has brought to both of us.

Download the podcast on itunes

100% money back guarantee

I am so certain that you will be happy with this course that I am offering a 100% money back guarantee.

If you finish this course, and you don't understand your win, and you haven't gotten value from it, you get all of your money back. So one way to look at it, is that you are loaning the money to a really reliable friend. If you want the money back, because you aren't totally stoked, 100% of that money is all yours.

You Have Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain.

Everything starts with discovering your purpose.

Drop us your email for a FREE sample of the audio version of lesson one covering Mission: Your guidestar.