Go For Your Win

About The Course

This course is designed to accelerate you on the path.  Instead of wandering around in the dark and figuring it out on your own, I am going to teach you everything I learned in 18 years of struggle and triumph.

I’ve written over 30,000 words in the curriculum and am planning to dedicate over 40 hours of personal teaching time with all of the participants.

Part 1 you will learn how to discover your purpose. You will learn how to turn your occupation into a profession. You will learn how to cultivate leapfrog connections. You will be able to identify your passion, and pull people toward you with an undeniable gravity.

Part 2 you will learn how to use belief as a weapon. You will learn how to cultivate stillness which brings clarity to all things. You will be shown how to access your greatest superpower: Choice. You will cultivate toughness. And you will learn from my experiences on how to be effective in going for your win.

Part 3 you will learn the strategies to deal with inevitable resistance. You will learn how to battle fear, delusion, attachment, ignorance and apathy. When you make a stand against resistance, you claim your warrior status once and for all. You are going for your win. You are winning.

When the course is over, if you graduate you will be invited to Austin to hang with myself and all of your fellow warriors.  Your fellow winners. Because winning is not a destination, it is a process.  And this is the fastest way to begin the process.

What You Will Gain

  • Insight into your life’s mission – Your purpose here on the planet.
  • Guidance on the optimal career path to suit your win
  • How to attract the kind of friends and partners (romantic or otherwise) that will help you on your win
  • Training to prepare you with the skills necessary to walk the path less traveled
  • How to harness the most powerful force in the universe: belief
  • Strategies for overcoming fear
  • How to wield choice as a weapon
  • The secret to overcoming resistance

What You Will Receive

  • 15 Weeks of Unique Course Material (over 30,000 words) completely custom written by Aubrey.
  • Homework exercises from each chapter, with feedback from a certified GFYW instructor
  • Access to an exclusive group chat with only GFYW participants, instructors + Aubrey
  • Weekly google hangout call with Aubrey to discuss the week’s material
  • Invitation to live ‘graduation’ event with Aubrey in Austin TX
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