The woman you want most…
Is a unicorn.
You will never tame her.  
Your ring will never contain her.
Your name will never claim her.
She is wild as the moon,
Shimmering white,
The ghost of your mindsky’s night.


You can try to forge a bridle,
Made out of plastic credit,
And dollar bills.
You can try to form a saddle,
Secured by the thrusts of your cock
Or the seed of your children.
And she may wear both bridle
And saddle.
But in her heart she is wild.


So the only way to tame the unicorn,
To set your inflamed heart at ease--
Is to become no longer a man,
But the grass on which she grazes,
The wind that rustles her hair,
The ground on which she sleeps,
The sun that warms her skin,
And the hand of every cowboy
She chooses to fancy for a dance.


For none but the universe itself can
Tame a unicorn.
So become the universe,
And she will be yours.

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  • Hi Aubrey… a friend introduced me to your offerings through the talk you shared with Wim…I did the training with Wim in LA in 2015…He’s incredible. Anyways…just stumbled onto the unicorn poem…♥️ World needs more men like you… the poem sparked thoughts in me of David Deida’s work. That’s what prompted me to reach out. His work might be something you’re familiar with. If not…you might drink up his offerings like water on a hot day…then can share it with others.
    From my heart to yours

    Tania Storm
  • Thank you Aubrey, you are wonderful!

    ruth watson
  • Thank you for this…

  • This poem is helping me immensely….galloping from my memory when I need her…could we make the unicorn gender neural in the wording?

    Timothy Brown
  • This is genius! As a man, very few things can tease the heart (both with pleasure and with pain) like the love felt for your woman. The very reasons you fell for her are the same reasons you fear losing her. Accepting your own vulnerability by loving someone so much is not considered a masculine trait in society… it is mocked. While possessiveness is applauded… because pride is judged to be on the line. You do not own her, only your feelings towards her. The feeings are yours, she is not. If you’re lucky enough to love a Unicorn, please do not imprison her.


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