That's Love

Chasing a girl with cards and flowers,
Only to stop once you have her heart...
That’s not Love.

Opening your legs for a man,
Just so you can get the ring...
That’s not Love.

Answering anger with anger,
Or cutting words with sharper swords...
That’s not Love either.

Love is when you bear an impossible cost,
But spare your friend from the story.

It’s offering a gift of immeasurable value,
Without notating who it is from.

It’s when you are dying,
but you give your grandson a cheerful smile.

It’s when you see your dearest lover,
Marrying someone else,
And you actually wish them the best...
And mean it.

That’s Love.  
The rest of the definitions are bullshit.

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  • an actual tear and goosebumps

    Marisa N. Loughborough
  • After reading the weekly update email from the blog, then listening to the podcast, to now reading your poems; I find myself sitting in my car in my driveway with tears rolling down my face. It seems as if everything put together hit home and have made me realize I have to be the change in my life. For this I want to thank you, for being so open and transparent that it has made me reflect and own my own bullshit. Gracias!

  • Love Is Everything.

  • I don’t read poetry usually… but this hit home when I read it… thank you!!


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