A Revolution Of Solidarity

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  • Hey :)

    This poem brought me to tears.. and it’s been hard for me to cry lately. So.. thank you for that! It was much needed in this time of stress. I am planning to do a simple activist movement, just my family and I, this valentines day. We will be going to the grocery store with posters that have quotes from people who inspire us about love and human connection and most likely a free hugs sign :D I was wondering If I can write this down on the poster I will be creating; quoting you, of course, a picture of you, and where they can find you. I think I will play it for people to listen to, also. This is the first time we are doing anything of the sorts. I don’t see the poem written anywhere, so I just want to make sure I won’t get in trouble for typing it out and printing it, ha. Thank you for being you and bringing so much love and light to the world!

    Always Good Vibes <3

    Brielle Bowers

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