Can You Say You're Lucky | Poetry Remix

By Aubrey Marcus July 06, 2018

Can you say you’re lucky,
When the universe hits you square in the jaw,
Breaks your bones,
You’re seeing stars,
Sippin smoothie through wired bars,
Can you say it then?  “Wow, I’m blessed.”

Can you remain open,
When the universe pulls the rug from beneath your feet, 
Pierces your heart, 
Your tears are streaming,
Dizzied by another unexpected turn of the tides
Will you feel then, "I am safe."

Can you say you’re thankful,
When the universe takes your favorite toy,
Rips it out of your hands,
Pounds precious glass into sands,
You never got to say goodbye,
Can you say it then?  “Man, I’m grateful.”
Can you remain grateful, 
When the universe removes your prized jewel, 
Steals it from your delicate hands,
Leaves you empty,
You struggle to understand why,
Will you feel then, "I am whole."

Can you say you’re wealthy
When the universe spins Fortune’s wheel
Takes everything you’ve ever owned,
You’re sitting on the lawn
With ‘Foreclosed’ on your home,
Can you look up at the sky and say “Damn, I’m rich.”
Can you remain soft
When the universe brings you harshness, 
Challenges all you clung too, 
Your questioning all your beliefs, 
Tempted to build walls around your dreams, 
Will you breath into your belly and say, "Stay tender."

Can you say you are beautiful,
When time erodes your supple skin,
Clouds obscure your amber eyes,
Your sex no longer anyone’s prize,
Can you whisper then, “Look at you, handsome devil.”

Will you look at yourself and see beauty, 
Even when Time has painted lines on your face,
Each one with a story to tell, 
Your body no longer the object of desire, 
Will you whisper then, "I see you. You're beautiful."

Can you love with all your heart,
Knowing that death will own
everyone you’ve ever known,
And you will die too.
Can you sing that knell loud and true,
“Hoka Hey, Today is a good day.”
Can you love with all your heart, 
With no expectation of return, 
Knowing that nothing is forever,
Not even your own life, 
Will you still dance under the stars thinking, 
"Ah-ho, it feels so good to be alive."

If you can,
You are a man,
My son.
You are a man.

If you will, 
you are a woman,
My sister
My daughter
My mother
My friend
You are a woman. 

Co-written w/: Christine Hassler

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