To be Onnit
Is to be Optimized
To be Optimized
Is potential realized.

We don’t all start the same.
We won’t all end the same.
But we’re all in the same game.
So you take what you have, whatever that is,
And make it your masterpiece.

Whatever shape you can create
Is your superstar to incubate.
To say that your best is more or less great,
Than someone on a magazine or tv screen,
Is just... ignorant.

Your best is as good as anyone’s best.
Your Onnit is as good as anyone’s Onnit.
No one can judge your Onnit but you.

Did you eat the food?
Did you sweat the sweat?
Did you put in the time?
Did you work on the mind?

Only you can judge yourself.
When you do your best you can tell your judge to let the gavel rest,
Because all we can ever do is simply our best.
Whether the world calls that success,
Just ...doesn’t... matter.

Being Onnit scores touchdowns,
And wins title belts,
But being Onnit in the real world
Means big smiles and good sex.
A midnight run,
A donut because you earned it,
The best shape of your life
Post that shit on instagram
With a how do you like me now!

It is training so you’ll be able to play hard with your family,
Live a little longer to leave your legacy
And know in your bones that sometimes living is ecstasy.

You don’t need to buy Onnit to be Onnit.
You can change your life with breath.
You can choose information over procrastination
You can put bare feet on sunrise grass,
And watch a campfire instead of TV glass.

Being Onnit IS the road less traveled,
It's a promise made to every cell,
You have my back, and I’ll have yours.

It's love for the wild primate inside,
It is moving your dreams from bedside
To the outside,
And a middle finger to all the voices
That said you can’t, you shouldn’t,
you won’t, you’re not.

Because you can. You should. You will.
You are.


Artist credit: Amanda Sage

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  • I am Gambit
    from Arabit.
    Sacred clownish
    a little bit brownish.
    The King laughs, the Queen smiles.
    At the end of the day,
    self reflected monster all the way.

    Illuminated ego,
    Heal mi amigo.

    I am Sulti
    from Jumanji.
    Reunited with Havarti,
    Crack the Chakra
    Dancing in Cha-Cha.

    I am Divinito,
    My mother is Naturo.
    She misses the Fandango
    with Alienito.

    … just playin’. I love poems.


    Joan Cabarrus
  • This poem got me all fired up! Thanks for sharing Aubrey. Time to get after it!

  • You are a powerful and honest being. I was lucky to come across your podcast and I’m glad i remembered how to listen. I’m truly grateful for the truths you share out of love. Thank you.

  • Dope brother!

    Jack Laudani
  • Aubrey, thank you for continuing to inspire. Deep gratitude for what you are doing.
    Much love

    Taylor Thornton

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