I See You

I See You

I long to see the world
as it Truely is.
I long to see you
as you Truely are.
I long to see myself
as I Truely am.

But yet I am blind.

For the secret of great sight
Is not the razor vision
Of the soaring raptor
That picks a tuft of fur
From a patch of grass at
Five thousand feet.

The secret of great sight
Is to see the Truth.

To see the fear behind the
hand that strikes
And tongue that bites.

To see the sadness
In the lonely soul that seeks
Smiles in a crowd.

To see the denial of divinity
In a peacocked parade
Of glitter and diamonds.

To see the hero fighting
In the hollows of
The addict’s valiant heart.

When I can see...
When I can Truely see.  
I no longer require

Just the humble discretion
Of a rose’s thorn
That says
“Thou shalt not trample me.”

And the humble compassion,
Of the sage’s heart
That says,
“I see you.
You are always forgiven.”

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