I Don’t Believe In love

I used to be a romantic.
I even gave two wedding rings.
Now I don’t believe in love.

Because everyone I loved,
stopped loving me.
Conveniently or

I don’t blame them.
I stopped loving them too.
When it no longer served me.

If what is true is always true.
As blue is always blue,
I lied with every “I love you.”

A glimpse of glory.
Spilled ink in old journals.
Kernels, no cobb.

Except momma.
Or my grandma.
And anyone else
I never wanted anything from.

So what do I believe in?
I believe in Love.
Capital L.
Big, Unconditional, Universal.

Like the Sun that shines on sinners and saints.
Like the rose giving Her scent to every nose.
Like God who holds no record of wrong.

I could look around for it.
Searching here or there.
Or I could be it.
Just fucking be it.
Be Love.
And settle the argument forever.

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