What is a human
If not an angel with devil’s horns?

A perfect paradox, built for polarity.

Heart opposed by mind,
Faith obscured by fear,
Union buffered by ego.
Body undone by time.


If the dice are loaded, there is no game.
There is no free will.
It’s a fucking movie.
The outcome is already determined before you hit play.

Balance is the ante
To play Life.
Somewhere between the blinding light of One
And the absolute black of zero.

So we stride out against opposition,
Seemingly impossible odds,
Knowing that only our very best will be sufficient.
And that still we may lose.

Glorious. Would you have it any other way?
Go Hero, Go.

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  • As a newly awakened man, I looked back at all the beautiful hints I left for myself along the way…including this poem. I can’t wait to meet you Aubrey ❤️

    The Poet

    Gaze gently by, through an imperfect lens. My view whispers in reply.

    A world’s reflection, softened by a poet’s eye.

    Lords of ship and might, lives short with fight.

    A steward remarks with pen and heart, the only epitaph of a poets sight.

    What name remembers thee, beist the witness or a plow. A life observed is his vow.

    Before that day I’m put asunder, I’ll fill my days with gaze and wonder.

    Stevan Page
  • “The outcome is already determined before we hit play”
    What a line! Inspires one to not give a fuck and go for gold anyway.
    Amazing poem, man, keep inspiring!
    Much Love x


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