For The Eyes That See

By Aubrey Marcus January 17, 2023

Art by Renato Caria

Your woman is a goddess.
Stop with the comparisons
The subtle denigrations.
Do you even see her?
She is a lioness
A moon dancer
A healer
And a sage.
She has a portal
You call a pussy.
A flower that attracts
Like honeysuckle
And births a soul
Into human form.

When she offers her flower,
You don’t have to bow,
But open your heart
As wide as her legs.
And leave her more whole
Than when you came.

Your man is a king
Arrest your derision,
The subtle condescension.
Do you even see him?
He is a bear,
An eagle dancer,
A lover,
And a mystic.
He bears a weight,
That would crush
tender bones,
And he is willing to die
For you,
And for what is right.

When he says he loves you,
Not with his mouth,
But with his eyes,
Hold him tenderly,
Thank him for how he stands,
And promise you’ll be there,
To kiss his scars.

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