Five Of A Million Love Poems

A million love poems
About some girl
Written by some man.
But maybe five
Probably three,
Were actually to the girl.

The rest were written to himself,
The craving to feel worthy,
The chase to corrupt chastity,
The validation of virility,
The challenge of changing status,
The imperative to procreate.

But to love the Woman
Beyond the self,
You have to See the Woman
Beyond what she makes you feel
About your self.

To see her sovereign,
Beyond possession,
A wild woman...
An alpha wolf,
Who sometimes might choose
To moan in your bed,
Or stroke the hair on your head.

Real Love is Man’s greatest challenge.
Take the journey if you dare.
Cast away your shiny lures,
Leave the charming spells unspoken,
Just hold. Hold.
The real you.
The whole truth.

Steady, stable, faithful,
But not the way the stories say.
More like Shiva as he lay,
A smile spread across his face,
Because he knows,
Without a doubt,
That no matter where the Woman lay,
His soul nests inside her.

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