Five Of A Million Love Poems

A million love poems
About some girl
Written by some man.
But maybe five
Probably three,
Were actually to the girl.

The rest were written to himself,
The craving to feel worthy,
The chase to corrupt chastity,
The validation of virility,
The challenge of changing status,
The imperative to procreate.

But to love the Woman
Beyond the self,
You have to See the Woman
Beyond what she makes you feel
About your self.

To see her sovereign,
Beyond possession,
A wild woman...
An alpha wolf,
Who sometimes might choose
To moan in your bed,
Or stroke the hair on your head.

Real Love is Man’s greatest challenge.
Take the journey if you dare.
Cast away your shiny lures,
Leave the charming spells unspoken,
Just hold. Hold.
The real you.
The whole truth.

Steady, stable, faithful,
But not the way the stories say.
More like Shiva as he lay,
A smile spread across his face,
Because he knows,
Without a doubt,
That no matter where the Woman lay,
His soul nests inside her.

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  • That is so fucking good! I was shouting and clapping as I heard you recite in in your podcast!
    You are a blessing!

    David Alan Deaton
  • So beautiful, pure & true. Thank you. Suksma. Live from Bali

    Karina Angelika
  • This is one of the poems I wrote to my girlfriend. Be happy to have some feedback from another warrior poet

    I want you to see within and through me. To get to know both the dark and light. I need you to understand that my heart is anchored on the shores of your love and that the devotion I have for you started in past lives and it will last forever.
    You need to realise that your lips are not like any other lips as for yours have been bathed on the sweetest of nectars and provide the best of kisses. It is important that you understand your skin is not like any other. For your freckles are the stars that belong to a infinite sky that is your body. Touching your skin which by now should be a routine affair becomes more exquisite by the hour as for me it seems as if I am caressing the silkiest of fabrics and each time I do so a jolt of pleasure runs through my entire body. Every morning your perfume invades my nostrils presenting me with the most fragrant of scents, intoxicating me and sending me into Nirvana. Finally I need to make you aware that your eyes and smile do not belong to this world as for they were created to shine brighter and be more radiating than a thousand splendid suns. They blind me each time I look at them cause as a mortal I am yet to be able to see past the light that is reflected from the beauty contained in them. I hope you understand how much I love you and how much happiness you give me every day.

  • Hey Aubrey

    I consider myself to be a warrior poet just like yourself. I seek challenges that will help me grow and face them head on cause I know they will help me to become better. Every single day I battle with the demons in my head and the self that has its own perceptions of what is right or wrong. While I am not in a open relationship like you my partner does have a unusual occupation. She is webcam model and this requires me to work a lot on myself. To let go of perceptions and conditioning behaviours created by society. I am tested every day in ways that I didn’t think were possible. As well as that I have recently had a lot of other challenges in my life (in a space of two months my father had a stroke, my grandmother a heart attack, and my 15 year old partner’s dog has been diagnosed with cancer). Because of that I am having to also face the imminent cycle of life and death. To accept the impermanence of things and learn to deal with death as just one more stage into the road to enlightenment.
    Since starting to follow you this path that I am on has become a lot easier and enjoyable. To know that another guy goes through similar, and in some instances worse scenarios and yet manages to see life with clarity without losing perspective of what he wants to achieve is not only very encouraging but also very inspiring. Thanks for being a warrior poet. To let yourself be vulnerable. To show that a real man can be strong and yet feel and explore his emotions. You are appreciated and I am happy to be part of this tribe that strives to become better and make the world a more pleasurable place to live.


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