Come With Me to the Beach My Love

Come with me to the beach my love.
Let us wiggle toes in the sand,
Let our skin drink the sun,
And our lips drink each other.
Come play in the waves,
All of your thoughts--
Let the whitewater wash them away.
Swim out into the shallows.
Come play with the dolphins that laugh and giggle.
Get high on pufferfish,
And fuck just for fun.
Lets go a little deeper my love.
Let’s hunt with the orcas,
Poke holes in trawler’s nets,
Hold class for schools of fish,
Eat oysters and throw away the pearls.
Let’s go to the deep my love.
Where the monsters live.
Find the tentacles choking bliss from our soul.
The gnashing teeth that fill us with fear,
The electric eels that jolt us awake at night,
The jellyfish that lay on our brain,
A toxic membrane sealing yesterday’s pain.
It’s safe in the deep my love.
I’ll be with you my love.
Always with you my love.
The monsters can’t hurt you my love.
Not when you hold my hand.
For the monsters aren’t real my love.
You just need to go deeper.
To the deepest waters.
To the abyss.
Deep into the stillness from whence we came.
Deeper than breath.
Where the only sound is the One sound.
The sound of our heart between beats.
The sound of the starlight shining.
The sound of grass piercing the soil.
The sound of a mountain’s core.
The sound that has always been
And will always be.
Then with a kiss let us awake,
Back again on the shores,
Wiggling toes in the sand,
Sunlight on our skin
The smell of copal,
The beat of drums,
The taste of mezcal,
Be reborn in the ocean my love,
We have far too much yet to live.

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