Another Rival

I wish you were my equal.
I wish you were my better.

I wish you had incredible strength
so I could forge my body to unbending steel,
and meet you on an ancient battlefield,
So our lady would never know danger.

I wish you had great courage,
So I could test the limits of my soul,
And face the terrifying unknown,
So our lady would never know fear.

I wish you had a dazzling wit,
So I could fill my mind with poetry,
Trifles, and delightful pedantry,
To keep our lady eternally charmed.

I wish you had wealth and riches,
So I could tirelessly conquer
The world of stocks and suits,
Until our lady could live in splendor.

I wish you knew of compassion,
So I could lay bare my heart,
And give my every breath,
So our lady could feel true love.

But of these things you know nothing.
Your world is cruelty, antagonism, violence.
Your soul is poisoned and empty.
But yet she clings to your hollow shell.
Unable to relinquish. The abuse, the pain–
Your words that sting her ear,
Your hands that welt her face,
Your cum that mars her skin.
Each one a violation.
Each one a Rape.

How do I defeat you? On what grounds can we fight?
You are my truest enemy, and yet you are nothing.
Not a man. Not a warrior. Not a poet.
Just a piece of shit with a heartbeat.

written circa 2006

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  • Powerful. Thank you Aubrey, lot’s of love as always brother.

    Matt Dearle
  • These words resonate with such truth. The powerful imagery speaks from beyond. Exactly. Thank you.

  • Thank you brother, I’m glad my humble words carry the power for you that I hoped they would.

  • You have no idea how much this gets me through the days when the world and all its shit is trying to cave in around me…. it gives me the strength to throw up a big F YOU at my haters. Powerful

    Angela Morado
  • This is tough…Wow. Get em!

    Gideon Boon

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