A Woman Who Takes Her Time

A woman who takes her time moves slow.
She knows what she is worth.
She values herself enough that she doesn’t need to hook you quickly with her shiny carnal lures.

She takes the time to see you.
She waits patiently as you take off your armor.
She knows the sadness hidden beneath your smile.
She knows the hurt you hold inside.
She isn’t in a hurry to pull it out of you.
She knows that her purpose is not to heal you, but to teach you how to heal yourself.

A woman who takes her time does not believe in Love at first sight.
Not the Love she is interested in.
Because she remembers how long it took to love herself.
She knows that is how her Love will grow with you.
Slowly. Gradually. With forgiveness. Patience.
Compassion for all your greed, all your lusts, all your competitiveness.
Even your possessiveness.

But a woman who takes her time will not let you keep her as your pet.
She has taken the time to know who she is in truth.
She knows she cannot be owned.
She is a wild wolf.
Made of shark teeth, hummingbird feathers, and the first drop of dew on the morning rose.

If you have the courage to be with a woman who takes her time, there is nothing that you can keep hidden.
No secrets will be kept safe.
You will be naked, vulnerable, exposed.
You will see yourself for who you truly are.
All your shadow, all your glory.
You will be forced to see Her for who she truly is.
When there is nothing left to hide, then and only then will you be able to decide.
If you are meant to slow dance with the woman who takes her time.

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