What is the antidote to suffering?

By Aubrey Marcus October 18, 2022

What is the antidote to the suffering and malevolence of life? The highest possible goal.”-Jordan B. Peterson

So what is your highest possible goal? I know what mine is. But do I always act in accordance with that goal? Not really. I think the reason is that  I have been thinking about it the wrong way. Hear me out.. In order to achieve the highest possible goal, which for me is a state of BEing, I need to run an extremely high account balance of energy and vitality. Far higher than I have ever been willing to sustain before. 

Because in order to keep my energetic account balance high, I would have to make small, constant sacrifices. I would have to eat different foods, intoxicate in different ways, give up many social engagements. This is simply unavoidable. The problem, however, is that I am looking at these things like sacrifices when I should be looking at them as investments. As we all know, a high account balance of any kind depends on your ratio of investments to withdrawals.

Now I’m pretty good with the active investments. For example, this week I’ve been taking cold showers, in Colorado, at least twice a day. Those are investments. But I’ve also indulged in every single fondue, gluhwein, schnitzel, and scotch on the mountain. That’s a withdrawal on my account. 

The result is that I am like most people are with their bank accounts. If I have something to spend, I spend it. But if I want to chase my goal, I have to start a savings account. I have to go on a budget. I’ll tell you right now, this is not my nature. 

I’m much happier working out harder, doing more breathwork, taking more cold showers, and then doing a massive cleanse or fast when necessary. Then basically doing whatever the fuck I want in between. 

What got me to here, won’t get me to where I’m going. 

And hell, I have had an amazing run. Now is time for a different way. Because like JBP says above, it’s the only lasting antidote to suffering. Because once you are crystal clear what your highest possible goal is, not doing your best to get there will make you miserable. 

So here goes. Watch me nae nae. 

This week’s podcast is with the captain of the dream machine, Charlie Rocket. The former manager for none other than 2 Chainz, he decided he wanted to dedicate his life to random acts of kindness. Oh and he also has one of the most powerful manifestation practices I have ever encountered, including a miraculous story of how he dreamed into existence a starring role in a Nike commercial. This podcast is gonna make you feel good, and just might teach you how to magnetize your own dreams to your reality.

Love you loveheads!

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