Secret To Instantly Change Perspective

By Aubrey Marcus October 18, 2022

When I am feeling flustered, frustrated, concerned about how things are going personally and collectively, I have a trick. I imagine that I am a fresh soul. Without my personal history, just pure consciousness. And I just got beamed into my body at this very moment.

I look around. I make an assessment of the situation.

“Okay, I have a few things that aren’t working optimally in this body. No problem, I know the next steps I need to take.”

“Okay, the world is in a challenging position. I know how to show up and serve.”

“There are big challenges. Great. I am here to fight, to grow, to learn and if need be, to go out on my shield as a warrior of light”

It changes the perspective immediately. Because so much of what is troubling is not what is actually happening but our attachment to what we want to have happening. What we wish was happening. Our history of frustration toward ourselves and others.

But if you were a fresh soul in a new body, you wouldn’t have all of that baggage. You would be nimble and free. This is what the world needs from you, not a burdened pack animal laden with baggage of the past and expectations of the future.

The relief is astounding when you shift the weight from the heels, to the balls of your feet. Ready to spring into action and hold a grounded presence.

Ultimately this is the work of this week’s podcast guest, Peter Crone. To help us unburden, and to free our mind from the prisons, which ultimately are always of our own creation. Or at the very least with our complicit agreement.

As Victor Frankl famously said, “The last of the human freedoms is to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances--to choose one's own way.”

Stay strong brothers and sisters. The movies had it right, the good always prevails, but not until it looks like all is lost. Because it is exactly the darkest moments that bring out the hero’s brightest light. We got this!

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