Zero Limits

Author: Joe Vitale

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Entertainment Value: 6/10

Life Value: ?/10

Read If: You are interested in getting your moral paradigm flipped on its head.

Do Not Read If: You are a natural skeptic, and prefer to swallow things whole if they are sound, or spit them out if they are shaky.

Whoa. That's what you find yourself saying as you read this book. The ideas therein completely flip your moral paradigm on its head. One premise of the book seems to be universally true and valuable. It teaches that the ideal state to be in, is what Vitale calls the zero state. The zero state is a state where there are no memories/programs/influences that are influencing you at all. In the absence of worldly influence from your mind, your emotions or your personal history, that is where you are open to Inspiration. Inspiration would be what Steven Pressfield would call "The Muse". To get to that state you need to release all binds, wounds, and emotional hooks by a process of radical forgiveness and love. By getting the mind out of the way, you can let the magic happen. All good so far.

Then comes the radical premise. If you want to heal anything in anyone you encounter, you should simply heal that part of yourself instead. You may need to read that sentence again. The book is written about a Hawaiian Kahuna (healer) who reportedly healed an entire mental hospital of patients using this method, a method called Ha'Oponopono. Now, you are probably as thoroughly confused as I was at this point, but after some thinking it isn't quite as impossible as at first glance. Follow me for a moment below:

First of all, we know we can take away the body and still be us. If we were paralyzed we would still exist. Then we could take away all of those 1000 voices, instincts, emotions and influences that comprise most of what we call the mind. Then at that point, we are our true self, our soul self, our God self, if you will. We are our inner child. But you can take it one step further if you wish, you can take away your Soul and what are you? You are energy of Life. A piece of the Source. A piece of God if your vocabulary permits. The essential qualitative part of that source is the same as anyone else's piece at the root level. And this life Force, as not part of space or time, cannot be described by a volume or quantity like a puzzle piece, or gallon of water in a swimming pool. An elephant doesn't have a bigger piece of the source than a turkey, just because it is bigger! So it is simply the Source. Under this reasoning the 'piece' of God, or Life inside of all of us is actually the entirety of God and Life. So if inside us is not only our piece but the whole, by healing that issue inside of us, we can heal it inside anyone else!

Whoa. Its a very radical line of thinking, and I am not quite sure where I stand on it completely. Perhaps I need to get myself to the zero state in order to find out the truth!

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