Turning Pro

Author: Steven Pressfield

Buy It: Amazon

Entertainment Value: 7/10

Life Value: 10/10

Read If: You wish to reach your maximum potential as a human being or pursue your life calling.

Do Not Read If: You already read “The War of Art”, digested it and have thoroughly trounced Resistance. One or the other of these books is a MUST READ.

In reviewing my notes and highlights of this book to write a review I am reminded just how motivating, sapient, and powerful Pressfield’s message is. While the foundation and core concept was laid out passionately in his first book on this topic The War of Art, tangentially expounded in his book Do The Work, it has reached a place of mastery in what will likely be his last book on the subject Turning Pro. If I was the head superintendent of every school in the universe this would be on the core curriculum.

We all struggle with what the author calls Resistance. It is our nemesis, our shadow self. It intoxicates us with distraction, indulgence, sloth – it obfuscates our efforts with doubt and fear. Resistence is the Cerberus that guards the sacred mysteries of the Muse, the guide and inspiration for our life calling. But ultimately if we face Resistance with our heels planted, it will become no more than the fiery heat that offers the temperance for our sword.

Pressfield is one of the best non-fiction writers I have encountered due to his ability to be extremely terse, well organized, and write as though he is having a conversation with you. I listened to his audiobook “Do the Work” which he himself narrated, and so when reading “Turning Pro” I can literally hear him speaking to me. And that is what it feels like when you read his books. How else could he possibly know your precise struggles so well, unless he wrote this just for you? The truth is that what challenges you, is universal to us all. It may come in different forms but Resistance is omnipresent. It has always been here and it will always be here, even for the pro. But ultimately it is there for us to battle and defeat on the way to our destiny. Pressfield invites you to be the hero of your own life. And after you read Turning Pro you will be ready for the fight.

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