The Way of the Superior Man

Author: David Deida

Buy It: Amazon

Entertainment Value: 5/10

Life Value: 9/10

Read If: You don’t always understand why it is challenging to get along with your intimate partner, and you have questions about what makes you happy.

Do Not Read If: You are 100% content with yourself and your relationships. In which case you should be writing books and not reading them.

I saw this book recommendation from my friend “twitch” on my skype 5 minutes before taking off on a 7 hour flight from Houston to Peru. I downloaded to my Paperwhite, and finished it before we touched down in Lima. I was a profoundly better man for reading it. This book changed me a little bit, and that is the greatest compliment I can give. The premise is that the superior man should penetrate the world with the same vitality that he penetrates a lover--With impeccability, love, and creative intent. It unapologetically describes a truth that those with a male archetype (could be a man or woman in gender) are too shy to admit--To the man, mission is paramount. This is not the same for the female archetype, and David Deida boldly lays out the spiritual character of both the sacred masculine and sacred feminine.

He also discusses the vital importance of polarity in a relationship at great length. Never once is there shown preference for one gender role or another, and the differences between them are celebrated--NOT homogenized like in modern feminist culture. This book is more than a relationship guide, it is a lighthouse for a higher ideal, individually and in intimate bonds. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, this book falls in the “must read” category.

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