The Journey Of Socrates

Author: Dan Millman

Buy It: Amazon

Entertainment Value: 8/10

Life Value: 6/10

Read If: You desire to attain greater self-mastery, and understand the nature of the true warrior.

Do Not Read If: You watch Real Housewives, Dr. Phil, Or Teen Mom.

I never read Millman’s most famous book, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. I still haven’t read it, and I probably never will. But since you guys are family, I'll admit that I always felt a little guilty about it, so when The Journey of Socrates was recommended to me I thought it was a good compromise. The book is in one of my favorite genres, philosophical fiction, and it did not disappoint. An emotionally rich story that follows an orphaned half-Jewish soldier in Russia during the times of the violent anti semitic pograms, the book illustrates the balance between the fighter, the warrior and the sage. It is in essence a tale of self mastery, and while the lessons contained within may not be revolutionary, they can powerful reminders of the warrior’s way.

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