The Cosmic Serpent

Author: Jeremy Narby

Buy It: Amazon

Entertainment Value: 7/10

Life Value: 8/10

Read If: You want to expand your perception of the universe and the life within it.

Do Not Read If: You wear D.A.R.E. tee shirts not ironically.

While this book is probably the most topic specific of any of the other highly recommended books, I think the pathways of thinking it opens up extend far beyond the boundaries of a man’s quest for the root of knowledge in the Amazon. His theory is that DNA is a universal language in itself, a language that can be accessed and downloaded by shamans or people in trance. If you have seen the movie Avatar, then think of Eywa, and tapping into the tree of ancestors to get information. Except instead of using your weird tail-penis, you drink enough Ayahuasca and learn from DNA contained in the life forms around you.

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