The Book of Truth

Author: Paul Selig

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Entertainment Value: 6/10

Life Value: 10/10

This Book is For: Anyone interested in the highest spiritual teaching available to us right now.

What can I say, this book has profoundly changed my life. It has made me understand the truth of who I am, and that my mission in life is simply to claim who I truly am and bring it into being. The book itself is a channeled text, which if you have any sense about you should send your woo woo radar beeping like a slot machine on tilt. But here’s the thing: whatever you might think about the method of transmission, the teaching itself is impeccable. I encourage anyone, skeptical or not, to check out my podcast with Paul Selig here. There is a reason it is one of my most downloaded shows of all time.

But back to the book, I have never found a more thorough, consistently truthful, non-egoic spiritual message. I’ve listened to this book three times on Audio and I’ll probably listen to it 100 more times throughout my life. Listening to the book is like doing reps for your spiritual self, your true self. When you get to the end, you will understand the aspects of yourself that are small, and ultimately not real, and the parts of yourself that are true. I cannot more highly recommend a book than this. He also has 3 prior books, including the Book of Mastery which I love, but to me his work just keeps getting better with every transmission.

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