The Book of Freedom

Author: Paul Selig

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Entertainment Value: 6/10 (Written) 7/10 (Audio)

Life Value: 11/10

The Book of Freedom is an irrefutable invitation to claim yourself as who you truly are. One who is free from the cycle of expectation and disappointment that rules ordinary life. One who is capable of holding love and forgiveness for all the people on your path, especially yourself. One who knows that true power comes from the surrender to truth--a truth beyond fear.

Paul Selig is a clear channel that receives words of wisdom in an impeccable flow state, and he is also an energy mechanic, holding a frequency in his words that is curative in just the vibration of the intonation. A lot of times, I will just put on his audiobook in the car, or while I am traveling, not even so much for the content, but just the elevation of vibe that it provides.

It is also important to recognize that the Book of Freedom is not a self help book. It is a self actualization book. It is not about tinkering with small elements of your personality, it is about putting your higher self in the driver seat of your consciousness. When the higher self is driving the total self, the limitations set forth by Fear start to diminish.

Compared with his other works like the Book of Mastery and the Book of Truth, this book is similar, but an escalation of the most profound teachings. It doesn’t follow quite as clear of a metaphorical map, but the roundabout pathway Paul takes is scattered with invaluable gems of insight. This is not an entertaining book to read, but it is undoubtedly one of the most valuable books you could ever read (or even better, listen to).

If you are interested, I have done two podcasts with Paul Selig. Here is the first, and here is the second, just released October 2018.

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