The 49th Mystic

Author: Ted Dekker

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Entertainment Value: 10/10

Life Value: 10/10

This Book is For: You are interested in a riveting story that will give you invaluable insight into the truth of who you are.  If you are open to see the world in a new way, this book is for you.

This book would have profoundly changed my life if I would have been able to read it as a young man. It changed my life now, but in my teens and twenties it would have been nothing short of a revolution. Not only does it elegantly dispatch the misguided dogma of Religion, it opens a window to the true mystical and spiritual meaning behind some of the greatest teachings of all time.

Then to imagine that these teachings are wrapped in a story told by one of the world’s greatest fiction authors--It’s simply too much to ask. But yet here it is, one of the most important books to ever be written. If you are curious of the truth behind Jesus’s teachings, if you know anyone who is a Christian or a Catholic that might be open to challenging their understanding of the nature of God and the Church, this book is the gateway to freedom from delusion. And if you just want a hell of a good story, you can dive in for that too.

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