Sex at Dawn

Author: Dr. Chris Ryan

Buy It: Amazon

Entertainment Value: 8/10

Life Value: 10/10

Read If: You have ever thought about sex.

Do Not Read If: You prefer ignorant compliance to the current sexual paradigm, to conscious understanding of the underlying forces.

You ready for truth to mollywop you in the face? Because this book is gonna shake up your mental construct. It answers some of the most important questions: Who are we underneath all of the rules, stories and societal pressure? What is the sexual state of nature for mankind? And then the REALLY important questions: Why do human males have large balls? Why are women louder than men during sex? The answers will surprise you, and make pretty good icebreakers in mixed company.

Dr. Chris Ryan is a fantastic writer and his tone enhances the already juicy subject matter, making the book a pleasure to read. What Graham Hancock has done for Archaeology, Chris Ryan is doing for sexual anthropology. One day this book will be credited as a catalyst for the inevitable revolution of intimate contracts. But right now, this book is still a lightning rod. No matter what path you choose to follow, appreciating your innate sexual nature will at the very least allow you to understand the volitional sacrifices and challenges you are facing. And if this book inspires you to create an agreement a little more suited to our humanity… welcome to the Utopian future.

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