Rise of the Mystics

Author: Ted Dekker

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Entertainment Value: 10/10

Life Value: 10/10

Rise of the Mystics, the sequel to The 49th Mystic, might be the best book I’ve ever read. I listened to it on audiobook while on my own challenging journey of self-discovery, and it was like classical music and the fountains at Bellagio. Perfect synchronization!

The story follows Rachelle, a girl who grew up blind, on her epic tale to discover who she is. She encounters resistance (as we all do), and meets epic allies along the way. Interwoven in the text are the most powerful biblical scriptures, interpreted into universal Truth by the mastery of Dekker. You’ll also be introduced to the bleeding edge research on the science of mind/body interaction, as can be found in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work in particular.

The story is incredible; Ted is simply a master storyteller. I cried tears of inspiration about oh… 40 times. I’m not sure why this book did that to me, but I told Ted that maybe it was just my own process of unblinding from the sooty perspective of my own personal history. I am always moved when I hear the story of people willing to put the All before themselves, in a truly altruistic way.

I can’t recommend this book enough, and I loved the actress who recorded the audio version. It really brought the story to life. You should probably read The 49th Mystic first, which is also incredible, but the continuation and climax of the story as told in this sequel really was second to none.

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