Author: Robert Greene

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Mastery has the feel of the master work of a master author. It is one of Greene's most robust works, and tackles the most fundamental question all: How do we achieve what we are destined to do? If this book was written in a day and age where education wasn't a politicized business it would be taught as mandatory reading prior to graduating secondary school. What practical guidance are we really given before being thrust into adulthood? If your parents even tell you "follow your heart", you are one of the lucky few. But even if they tell you that, most likely they are ACTUALLY looking for you to follow the path of the most probable financial independence. It seems there is a mortal, socially induced fear that is ubiquitous in those with offspring that unless you follow the herd your destiny is to 'leech' from them forever. Maybe that fear isn't derived from your parents, but your own mind. So people get pushed into being lawyers or financiers or accountants. For some, that may be truly their passion and a channel to mastery. But to most, it leads to a life of drowning out the childhood whisper pushing them to achieve their dreams with distractions and ameliorates.

Mastery takes you by the hand on a tour of history, your tour guides being the great masters themselves-- Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein, Freddie Roach! You learn from their successes and failures and have the blunt and poignant insight by Greene on how to apply them to your own life. If you don't want to read this book for yourself, read it for everyone whose life you will touch. The positive energy of being on your path to mastery is contagious, and for the world to change, we need as many on their way as possible. As Greene's friend and colleague 50 cent says in his song, "Get Up!". Read the book, and set your course for fulfillment. If I haven't convinced you yet, see Pressfield's War of Art and learn a bit about Resistance ;- Good luck, and Godspeed future masters.

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  • Just reading the war of art for the third time now. It helps me alot in everyday life and with my ventures. This review had me intrigued, amazon one click wzuuuup .

    Thanks for sharing
  • I just finished the 50th law if you’ve read Mastery and the 48 laws of power there’s no need but if you enjoy Greene’s writing there is definitely a few gems in there.

  • Can you give a numeric value & entertaining result from this book please

  • Reading Robert Greene has truly helped me develop into a more complete person. I haven’t read Mastery yet, though it is on my reading list. I’ve read his trilogy of law, art and strategy and I must say they’re worth more than any psychology class can offer. What it seems Robert Greene has done is combine practicality with real world examples in a series of well written books. So I’m definitely going to read his newest one when I get the chance.

    I haven’t read the one he wrote with 50 cent yet, though I will if it’s worth reading. I’d highly suggest the audio books narrated by Don Leslie, cause of his sexy man voice.

    Take care.

    Alexander Tomasik

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