Magicians of the Gods

Author: Graham Hancock

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Entertainment Value: 8/10

Life Value: 10/10

Magicians of The Gods is an important book not only for you and I, but humanity as a whole-- For our consciousness, our sense of history, and perhaps even our survival. Reading this book is riding shotgun with an archaeological detective unraveling one of the greatest mysteries of all.  Where did we come from?  For without knowledge of whence we came, we cannot adequately understand where we are going. Undeterred by a relentless onslaught from the tyrannical views of mainstream academia, Graham puts the pieces of a new historical model together.  A model in which we are a society with amnesia.  In around 10,800 BC a comet struck the Earth, plunging the world into 1200 years of relative cold.  Then in a single moment, another comet from the same cosmic system exploded in the ice caps, liquidating the glacial waters and sending a great flood across the earth.  

The geological evidence for this, largely compiled by another explorer Randall Carlson, is virtually indisputable.  Where the author really shines however, is the case for what happened next. Traveling around the world, he gathers evidence at the primordial monolithic sites at the ‘navels’ of the world.  Gobekli Tepi, Gunung Padang, Cusco, Giza - All sites showing evidence of being constructed in a time period surrounding the assault of the comets.  Piecing together the hard monolithic and geological evidence with the primordial memories of the flood found in stories of cultures around the world, we begin to see the possibility that a highly advanced civilization had thrived in the time before the deluge.  And when all was lost in that cosmic catastrophe these great Sages encoded monolithic time capsules for us, right now, linked to the movement of the stars. The book is not just mystery, not just history, it is a call to action.  So in the spirit of that, go get yourself a copy join us in doing our humble part to help shape the future of humanity!

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