How To Change Your Mind

Author: Michael Pollan

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Entertainment Value: 7/10

Life Value: 8/10

It’s hard, as someone who has explored psychedelics, not to become a raving psychedelic advocate. These compounds have given me windows of insight into my life that have completely changed my nature. Who would I be without psychedelics? I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be the guy that is writing this now. Consciously and intentionally exploring psychedelics has been one of the most important choices I’ve made in my life.

So it’s hard not to advocate when I see my friends, loved ones, family, and strangers suffer from perspectives, habits, and self-generated stories about themselves and their lives that I viscerally know psychedelics could improve. Their rebuttals for not exploring psychedelics vary, but the root is the same…it’s fear. I can’t blame them for their fear. Our culture panicked in the 60s, and the reverberations of that panic still echo in psyches of some of the smartest people I know.

But things are shifting. If you are in any way interested in helping or healing people, and you respect science, now is the golden age. Scientific studies are emerging that are showing the incredible therapeutic benefit of psychedelics across a wide spectrum of conditions. This book has done a better job than any I’ve read so far on this subject at rationally, calmly, and scientifically exploring just how impactful psychedelics can be for the individual and our culture. It is a great book to recommend to anyone interested in a thorough education on the history and status of psychedelic medicine to date.

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