Cyrano De Bergerac

Cyrano De Bergerac

Author: Edmond Rostand

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Entertainment Value: 10/10

Life Value: 9/10

Read If: You would enjoy the inspiration to be great, delivered by perhaps the best tale of chivalry, love, wit, and courage ever written

Do Not Read If: You are a bitter, sarcastic, existentialist.

You will never forget your first time--This is true of many things. Love, heartbreak, sex, fist-fights… And the first time you read or see Cyrano De Bergerac performed. And like the rest of those firsts, your first probably won’t be your last. The character of Cyrano is the essence of pure virtue. To read his words is to know what the Greeks meant by the concept arête. I cannot describe how valuable it is to have Cyrano as a reference point in one’s life. The question, What Would Cyrano Do? is a lot more useful to me than the God who comes sometimes with a sword and sometimes turns the other cheek. That is just confusing! With Cyrano, first he comes with his wit, and then he comes with the sword. He never falters. The code he lives by? To be admirable at EVERYTHING.

If you are reading this review and have not seen this play performed live, or read the book, then please do so. It is a gift to yourself and those you will share it with. The best translation for me is the non-verse translation done by Lowell Bair. Many people like the verse translation by Brian Hooker, but I feel that the meaning is best portrayed in Bair's eloquent prose.

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