Create Your Own Religion

Author: Daniele Bolelli

Buy It: Amazon

Entertainment Value: 8/10

Life Value: 9/10

Read If: You prefer to follow your own truth and live in accordance with your own highest guiding principles.

Do Not Read If: Dogma and canon are your crutches, without which you would do a face plant into a cactus bed full of ants, floating in a stream of lava.

Holy shit I can’t believe I haven’t posted this book review until now. Throughout my life, I have been doing exactly what the title of the book says. Every time I venture to Peru to drink Ayahuasca, or experience psilocybin in the high mountains, I am adding a few new pages to my own bible. But these principles are not infallible words that have fallen from some holy mountain, I understand that they had to go through the filter of my own mind and perception, which is inherently imperfect. So I continue to modify and build my own story, that will suit my life and hopefully track as close to the truth as I am able.

This book not only explains this process, but it makes the great point that even those of us who think we are following a religious tradition, are creating our religion in our own little ways. We all make exceptions, we all find affinities with myriad interpretations of the same text. This book puts out in the open one of the most important life principles. To have the complete human experience we all must cultivate some form of spirituality, and this gives not only the guidelines, but the permission to do so.

Daniele is a good friend, and a great writer. His knowledge about different religions is incredible, and I hope you enjoy this journey between the pages as much as I have.

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