Awakening Spirits

Author: Tom Brown Jr.

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Entertainment Value: 6/10

Life Value: 9/10

Read If: You want the tools, theory, and techniques to implement simple, practical, and incredibly effective spiritual practices in your life.

Do Not Read If: You prefer to digest information in the form of pure empirical science.

This book very well may provide the simplest outline for practical spirituality in existence. Even better, it comes from a wisdom tradition of the land that we in North America reside. Often times Native American spirituality focuses on the stories and the rituals that appeal to our curiosity and love of pageantry. This book cuts to the core of things behind the feathers and the drums.

Weaving story with practical exercise you will learn how to access the Sacred Silence, which is the true goal of all meditation. From this place you will learn to differentiate the wisdom of your inner vision from the clutter of your own mind. And finally you will learn to communicate with the spirit world through the process of envisioning.

Much of what I have learned in my many plant medicine journeys is confirmed here, in a simple and accessible way. I'm incredibly happy this book found it's way to me, and have immense gratitude to the author for his lifetime of service. While you won't find any clinical data in here, and it isn't exactly a rip-roaring page turner, I highly recommend it to absolutely everyone.

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