48 Laws Of Power

48 Laws Of Power

Author: Robert Greene

Publisher: Penguin Books

Value Rating: 10/10

Entertainment Rating: 7/10

Buy It: Amazon for 13.99

Read If: You are in any position where the mechanism of power has influence on your life. If you desire to advance your career, further your standing in a personal relationship, climb the corporate ladder, be an effective leader, or survive and defeat an antagonist, this book is a MUST READ.

Do Not Read If: You are a devout pacifist and socialist with delusions of martyrdom.

Review: The primary value of this book lies in two main factors: First and foremost is Robert Greene's extensive historical research and anecdotes which accompany every law (chapter) which help to colorfully illustrate the principles. Second, but perhaps most importantly is a very interesting decision by Greene to treat power as an idea devoid of any moral anchors or impediments. This is important because it allows the reader to apply his own morality and not be troubled by having to wade through the opinion of the author. For Greene, power is power, and if you want it, or want to avoid getting caught in its terrible wake then he will give you the strategy to do it. I cannot express how immensely valuable this book is, when absorbed into an open mind. There is a reason that this national bestseller is a bible for everyone from rap moguls to hedge fund managers. To live in the world we live in and not read this book is like starting a chess match missing a knight. You may get lucky but the odds are against you...

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