What is Aubrey Marcus Real Name?

By Aubrey Marcus February 14, 2017

Long Answer: Aubrey Marcus was born Michael Aubrey Christopher Marcus on February 28, 1981 in Santa Monica, CA to Kathleen Harter and Michael P. Marcus. Due to confusion with his father's name, by the time he was of school age most people called him Chris, his given middle name. Because his legal first name remained Michael, and his colloquial name was Chris, this created unnecessary logistical static. After his 30th birthday and his first experience with Ayahuasca, he decided to draw a line of demarcation between his old life and the new one that lay ahead by officially changing his name. He chose his middle name Aubrey as his first name, the name of his Grandfather whom he had never met. After announcing the name change on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Aubrey completed the paperwork with the state of Texas to legally change his name to Aubrey Michael Marcus.

Short Answer: Aubrey's real name is Aubrey Michael Marcus.

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