We Thank Our Fear

By Aubrey Marcus February 14, 2017

There are fears that lie deeper than our fear of death. Fears so great that in the face of them we would gladly turn to death for comfort like an old friend. They lay rooted deep in our subconscious, feeding Resistance and strumming the thought-strings of our mind like a maniacal harpist. These are the fears we must bring to the light of day.

Carefully excavating each layer like a sun-worn paleontologist--tracking every detail so that we can reconstruct this beast hidden beneath the surface. This process is not easy. For to bring them to the surface we must face them in faith that we will vanquish. But the only way to defeat them is to live them fully with our entire being. To feel the gnashing teeth ripping apart that which we hold more sacred than life itself. To surrender to the carnage, until we experience total loss.

Then in abject and absolute annihilation we can look to our heart. We find it is still there. That very essence of creation, nine layers deep, a single point of light emanating from an inexhaustible energy.

Connected to the source of all life itself. Connected to every molecule of creation. Every laugh that brings tears, every wiggle of toes in sand, every puppy shivering with excitement.

It is still there, we are still there, and once created will live forever as a spoke in the mandala of time. Even if the Earth itself was to disappear out of existence, this spark of godhood in our heart will carry on into the infinite quantum dimensions where planets and even universes blink on and off like a the light at a busy crosswalk.

When we find this truth in the eye of our fear, we realize that this terrible Leviathan was an ally all along. The stone upon which we could sharpen our consciousness. So we thank our fear, acknowledging our victory without pounding our chest in celebration. Perhaps just a quick smile as we carry on with our journey... head up, heart forward, sweet breath in our lungs, and solid ground beneath our feet.

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