The Red Queen

The Red Queen

Author: Matt Ridley

Entertainment Rating: 4/10

Value Rating: 5/10

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Read If: You are particularly interested in animal sexual biology.

Do Not Read If: You can read Sex at Dawn instead.

I used to call this book a "Masterpiece.” But then after spending some time with Dr. Chris Ryan I realized that this book only told a part of the story. There are still some interesting bits in there, but if you want to understand HUMAN sexual biology, this information is incomplete at best.

Here are some of the things I highlighted from the book a while back:

“To summarize the argument so far, evolution is more about reproduction of the fittest than survival of the fittest: every creature on earth is the product of a series of historical battles… Those battles include psychological ones, to manipulate and exploit members of the species; they are never won, for success in one generation only ensures that the foes of the next generation are fitter to fight harder.” --174

“The nature of the human male, then, is to take opportunities, if they are granted to him, for polygamous mating and to use wealth, power, and violence as a means to sexual ends in the competitions with other men…” –206

“Whereas the Chinese emperor Fei-ti once kept ten thousand women in his harem, Gary Hart, running for the presidency of the most powerful nation on Earth, could not even get away with two.” --206 

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