The Psychedelic Dive

Preparing for a psychedelic experience is like planning a scuba dive on a warm water reef. You should decide pretty much how deep you want to go, make sure you have a good friend or guide there with you, and set your intent with a general idea of what you would like to encounter. There is always going to be a moment of anticipation and anxiousness on the boat before you trade your normal world for this entirely new underwater environment.

Once you hit the water, take a moment to get your bearings but don't resist in letting the weight belt carry you down. You'll find your buoyancy at the desired depth. Don't stress if you are a little deeper or shallower than anticipated, you can handle it.

Then the exploration starts, and no matter what you had intended to see, just enjoy the feast of information available to you. Take note of the chrysanthemum of coral formations and the many colorful fish, but don't worry about chasing them all over the reef. You'll remember them. And if there is a shark, don't worry.

The worst thing you can do is try to get to the surface in a panic. You'll get the bends, and it will take a long time in a recompression chamber to recover from your hasty ascent. Witness the shark, and accept that it is part of your world. Face your fear head on, with open eyes and a calm heart. Soon enough, the shark will swim off.

When you return to the surface, understand that those people who were not in the water with you may enjoy the story, but will probably not really grasp what you experienced. That's okay too. This dive was for you.


  • I’m familiar with psychedelic experiences and I’m a dive master and I have to say the comparison of the two is very accurate. I’m surprised I’ve never thought of it. That comment is not why I’m writing here however…I have a question…

    I have recently disconnected myself from all social media so I figured this might be the only channel I have to ask any questions. As I said I am not unfamiliar to psychedelic experiences and have certainly seen the value of them in my life. I have family and connections in Mexico, where I go at least once a year, to partake in guided peyote ceremonies but I’m at a point where I would like to explore ayahuasca. My question is whether or not you (assuming “you” may not be just Aubrey) could make any recommendations of reputable altruistic individuals or organizations within the US that could facilitate that kind of exploration? If none here in the US then perhaps Mexico. Any insight would be much appreciated!


    Alex Glueck
  • Try my TripToWellness center in beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Not sure why the author wouldn’t trust me. Google me. Barry Cooper. You will find I am a world famous drug expert with a good rep. Peace and love.

    Barry Cooper
  • I’ve thought the same thing Alex. However, I don’t think I’d trust anything or anyone with ayahuasca; at least at this point in time. I think that if you go to where these shamans work and live and stay for at least 6 months doing the proper vetting/ due diligence, you might get a better idea of what’s happening. Other than that, I see a lot of power trippers, money grabbers etc who I wouldn’t trust with something so serious. After MANY LSD trips and others, thats my take on it.

  • moving

    Marc DeRosa
  • Im curious what your thoughts are on the freebase form of DMT? One thing I find disconcerting is there is no real tradition or shaman to seek advice to on how to navigate the states it induces.

    Joel W.

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