The Game of Life with Erick Godsey - AMP #169

What was originally an idea for my first book, eventually became one of the longest and most potent AMP conversations ever. Erick Godsey and I take a journey through the quests of the ultimate video game: the Game of Life. We share tips, secret weapons, stories of our personal experiences, and keys to beating the bosses and leveling up in every arena on the way to personal fulfillment.

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  • Not a gamer. Not even a little bit. But the symbolism and analogies were spot on. The chemistry between the two make an awesome listen and this one of my favourite podcasts yet.

  • Absolutely amazing podcast (every episode). I’ve already listened this (#169) about 6 times, nothing to waste here. Pure gold. Thank you.

  • I’m half way through Own The Day…. Love it… Resonates with me in all aspects

    Jim Roberts
  • Really enjoyed. Is there a transcript? Several authors and other individuals referenced that I would like to look into.

    Guy Latour
  • I laughed my ass off at that Kingdom Hearts story. It’s crazy, right as he mentioned crying over a video game I instantly thought; Kingdom Hearts. And sure enough, that’s the game he was talking about! I had a similar thing happen to me when I was about 12. I was on a road trip with my family and was playing Kingdom Hearts in the car that was connected to a power converter that only worked when the car was running. I was totally obsessed with Kingdom Hearts as a young lad and I had finally gotten to the end of the game and after a million tries I finally beat it. And of course, right as the cut scene started my parents turned into the gas station and turned off the car, which turned off my game and ruined my childhood.

    Greg Williams

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