Steve Shubin - AMP #32

This might very well be the best podcast I have ever done. Steve Shubin, ex SWAT officer and successful entrepreneur, opens up about one of the most hilarious and profoundly transformative Ayahuasca experiences ever captured on air. If you have ever considered listening to a podcast, I would consider listening to this one!




  • This has got to be my favourite podcast about ayahuasca and other sacred ancient medicines. I laughed so hard it hurt! Thanks so much to Steve for sharing his adventure and going into so much detail. The good, the bad, the ugly; he shared it all. Funny enough I listened while driving to the nearest city to get ready to fly out to Peru tomorrow on a life changing adventure of my own. I’m so eager to see what San Pedro and Ayahuasca have to show me. Thanks for all you do… Much love :-)

  • brilliant podcast me and my gf are heading to spiritquest in 4 weeks for an ayahuasca retreat with don howard and don rober. we are obviously pretty nervous but watching this really puts me at ease. Steve is a very funny guy and very genuine. thankyou so much for this podcast its really helped me and my gf. Love you n Peace to everyone who watches it x

  • I like your stuff and everyone’s saying how this is your best , but I’m 15 in and hope it changes soon, cause this military and cop talk is unbelievably filled with ignorance .

    Ryan Grimes
  • Definitely the first, most entertaining ayahuasca related story every told. I literally started to cry laughing, not to mention the pain felt in my abdomen from laughing historically for over 15 mins straight. Such a brilliant podcast, and a treat to hear this story told from an older, tougher, fellow. It’s never too late to start your journey. Good shit Aubrey, such a blessing to share with everyone!

  • I personally feel that this is one of the most amazing podcast’s I have ever listen too. If you have any time to listen to it I highly recommend it!!

    Phillip Rogers

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